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 =  congrats
Horia Mocanu
[06.Mar.09 22:02]
two sides of a human being...the killer and the life giver imagined in two eyes. very imaginative. nice.

 =  to Horia Mocanu
Veronica Vãleanu
[23.Jan.13 10:00]
excuse me for this huge delay in answering. It's only now that I see your comment, after almost 4 years...
thank you so much for your words!
May I please use this incredible opportunity to tell you that lately we've noticed your absence and that we're sincerely looking forward to reading your texts again. Something tells me that you've never stopped writing or, at least, that you've preserved a frozen sample of how-it-feels-to-write in a suspended chamber of your mind...

best regards,
and hoping you will confirm that some day soon,

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