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 =  Maria
Corina Gina Papouis
[03.Jun.09 16:40]
Hi Maria,
The message was clear, however, you need to work a bit on your grammar. These are the things I picked on (from the beginning):

Jumped, looking for it, forgot about it, begun, cricket’s song, caught, put it, any more, his song (or he sang)

The verbs a re a bit all over the place, and 'the didn’t sing no more' is not quite English but more slang.
Otherwise I quite liked your little character. :)

Best wishes,

 =  rectification
Maria Tirenescu
[03.Jun.09 20:01]
Thank you, Corina!

 =  .
Laurenţiu Ion
[17.Jun.09 13:01]
there's cricket instead of criket

("from the door sash
criket' song:
the new lodger")

 =  ...
Maria Tirenescu
[17.Jun.09 13:29]
Thank you, Laurentiu! Precipitation...

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