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 =  Go on, Willy
Heghedus Camelia
[18.Jan.07 10:32]
You have what to tell us and you have an original, expressive way to do it. I agree with this: “The beast is in some cases capable of adapting to a high aesthetic level. It's all within the boundaries of human nature.” We must give each other the chance, we must try to understand people before judge them. This site is a chance not only for the gifted ones to express themselves but also for the common people (like me, for example), who can spend their free time here and delight with many good writings. It is an occasion for me to tell that I sincerely admire the great job and the good intention of those who manage this site. This is not a flattery.

 =  indeed
felix nicolau
[04.Feb.07 17:03]
i really can't wait to see the sequel at this marvellous ideea

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