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+ "like limescale in a tub"
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[30.May.07 17:03]
Exceptional diagnosis of a world where useless suffering has become so outdated, and any feelings so petrified, that the expectation of something rather resembling anything, has become its slow death.
Congratulations, worth reading, thinking about.

 =  Thank you!
Sydney Krivenko
[30.May.07 23:01]
Thank you, Romulus! Sad, but in front of my eyes every day... trying hard not to become hardened myself...!

 =  Resigned
John Willy Kopperud
[12.Jun.07 11:18]

Brilliant description of illusionary stagnation, since
the notion that nothing changes is just a figment of the mind.

Congratulations from Willy

 =  Thanks Willy, nice to hear from you again!
Sydney Krivenko
[12.Jun.07 18:00]
Thanks Willy, nice to hear from you again!

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