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 =  i think
stancu andra
[20.Nov.03 00:40]
you'll only be in love,
mortal and afraid...
besides the fact that it sound impressive, i think its the best way to put it in words. It descibes my vision and feelings quite accurate

 =  inlove and yet afraid?
Maria Schuler
[01.Jan.05 02:29]
I think you meant to say "when a hand's touch speeks", either than that I see no spelling mistakes.

"you'll only be inlove,/mortal and afraid..."
Yet love is what elevates the spirit, what brings it closer to Perfection. I do not see how a spirit inlove can still be afraid...Perhaps you can explain this contrast.

 =  late answer
Ravendark Scar Furiel
[20.Jun.06 07:52]
like autumn leaves that fade away
on moonlit fields where cool winds stray
speech overcame us leading blood astray
survive who will the word that leads the way

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