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 =  dark and rave
Diana Pascu Chifane
[04.Nov.03 11:29]
Rather too much darkness in this poem, but it's yours one. Keep it for english version of the site.

 =  stop the gremlins!(pleeze!)
enache florin
[05.Nov.03 17:30]
K...I answered to this post in Romanian cause it said so three lines above.Now it seems that the evil gremlins have deleted my post and replaced the warning with this:"You must write in English ".Where is my reply?And what happened with Romanian?

 =  gremlin
Radu Herinean
[05.Nov.03 17:32]
it said "romanian" because the text was not associated with english yet.
now it is.
i displayed your comment so you can repost it in english so i can hide it again.

signed: the gremlin

 =  red card!
enache florin
[05.Nov.03 19:21]
Dear Mr. gremlin....thank you for your help.It turns out you're not that bad after all...
P.S.Romanian and English (reading your post I remembered the beatings we got when we wrote romanian/ english ehh...that person will burn in hell for that but we learned to write properly:)))

 =  no teaching position for me;thank you very much!
enache florin
[05.Nov.03 19:53]
first thing:this is no poem it says personal[thoughts](although its form may be deceiving)
second:the darkness in this text(and in my other texts)is according to some "my safe home"...
third:I can hardly wait...(p.s.this was not in the original still needs a lot of work)
fourth:(acctually the first but nevermind...)May god help us all!!!!(this was me as the English teacher that I am supposed to become)( Oh,lord have mercy!)
thanks for the visit.

 =  opinion
Diana Pascu Chifane
[06.Nov.03 09:55]
1.Well, my mistake, isn't a poem indeed.
2.What I said about darkness was my opinion.
3.I'm not interested at all in your future or actual profession.:D

 =  another red card!
enache florin
[07.Nov.03 04:02]
yours one???????
come on that is so obvious...or maybe not.

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