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 =  question
Anca Veronica Anghel
[07.Nov.03 07:27]
I wonder why this texts is not a poem ?
It would have been better this writing not to be entered under personals but under poems.
What do you have to say about this?

And last, but not least, I like what and how you write.

 =  thoughts as poetry
enache florin
[07.Nov.03 12:51]
It is very hard for me to call any of my texts poems.
I usually call them thoughts because (By Odin!this is like the hundredth time I have to answer this question)I do not feel that I create them; they come to me as remembrances and I just put them on paper thus rending them silent.
Some call them poetry,others call them dark junk,I call most of them thoughts.
I hope you can now move easier thru the shadows in my lines:).
Last but not least[where did I read this?:)]I am glad there are some out there who enjoy my stuff.
Thanks for your time.

 =  yes
Anca Veronica Anghel
[07.Nov.03 16:11]
Well, I enjoy your writing.
I want to encourage you to write more.
And if nobody told you yet, allow me to say that, yes this is a poem.
Welcome to the club !

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