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 =  feels better
enache florin
[13.Nov.03 11:42]

 =  It does indeed
Olteanu Irina
[13.Nov.03 13:19]
It feels better when you're in a silent world, nobody seems to hear you and you hear nothing. And the scream is the only thing that you can do in order to make a difference.
Thank you for your comment Florin.

 =  blue
Anca Veronica Anghel
[13.Nov.03 15:03]
"My heart is out of dreams"

I think this heart can be out of feelings maybe, but out of dreams it would be hard to imagine. What you think ?

Also you mentioned about the sky that is blue and that "blue cannot be all"
Mh, I just want to tell you that in English when you say " I feel blue" it means " I am sad".

Is there a mismatch between the "blue sky" and what happinies is meant to be in your poem ?

 =  Blue=liberty
Olteanu Irina
[13.Nov.03 16:55]
It can be out of dreams when all your dreams cannot be accomplished, when the loved one doesn't respond with the same feelings. And I know what "I feel blue" means. "Blue cannot be all" means that everything can't be how you want that thing to be. "The sky is blue" means "The sky is blue". But blue for me means liberty so you're right in a way.

 =  thank you
Anca Veronica Anghel
[13.Nov.03 23:03]
I see. You are the writer, we are the readers. Now I understand your message and maybe you'll work out better in the future. It is important the message to be received by most of the readers in the right way. No need for ambiguity if it is not needed. No need for any word play if it is not worth it.

 =  Thank you
Olteanu Irina
[14.Nov.03 09:59]
I appreciate that you tried to understand what I wanted to express through my poem. It means that you've read my poem carefully and for this I thank you. I think you're the first experienced person that does that.

 =  Scream
Florian Ardelean
[20.Nov.03 13:12]
Twisted mind, and shapeless thought
As always, I have lost all hope
There's no redemption for my sins
And, yes, my heart is out of dreams

 =  Thank you Florian
Olteanu Irina
[21.Nov.03 11:38]
My heart is out of dreams indeed
The hope for us remains the scream.

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