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 =  balloons
Anca Veronica Anghel
[30.Nov.03 17:11]
"ballons " - there is one small typo; this word is with double "l" and double "o"

Please change.

+ this man from the screen
ion amariutei
[01.Dec.03 17:17]
this man from the screen said: you're writing reach poetry, my friend, reach with subdued sadness and fleeting beauty. let sadness float away in its soap bubble, you just keep blooming until all mirrors get dizzy

 =  Domi, asdf, this is my first poem in English
Motoc Lavinia
[02.Dec.03 01:04]
Thanks Domi,ooo-s and lll-s are not my strength, next time I'll pay more attention to my spelling.

asdfule,this is my first poem in English, hmm, it feels different,it sounds different, that's all I can say right now. As for the rest, it doesn't go away even though people say is getting better with time.

 =  Lavinia and her poem
Anca Veronica Anghel
[02.Dec.03 02:28]
It is different Lavinia and it also feels different. But it is a good start. Sorry if I acted like a "spellchecker" but it is important to try to reinforce the idea that if we want people to take us seriously (I mean visitors that enter the site) we have to respect the grammar.

I read the poem and after that I realized that it was yours. I said to myself, this is a good poem, but let’s see the next one.

Take care.

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