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 =  Gambling...
Flavius B. Vlad
[22.Jan.04 03:15]
Hello Anca, I like your poem.. Great imagination..
Gambling in the dark is a nice contradiction..

 =  thank you
Anca Anghel Novac
[27.Jan.04 18:17]
Thank you Flavius.

 =  looking under shadows
Bethany Lerie
[12.Mar.04 21:19]
I love the imagery of 'looked under the shadows', reminds me of the constant search for hidden meaning in our daily lives.

 =  thank you
Anca Anghel Novac
[13.Mar.04 17:03]
Thank you.

 =  beautiful
petrut marinescu
[27.Mar.04 16:14]
I guess i live that too.But I'm jumping at the shadows...
Anyway,it's a beautiful poem.May i use it for a guitar ballad?

 =  for my inside.
Joshua Butawan
[25.Dec.04 15:59]
nice theme and rhymes for souls.

 =  Title matches the poem
Diana Pacuraru
[03.Feb.05 00:04]
Do you like playing with the mind of the shadows? They often make you believe you solved their mysteries. Well thought poem, by the way.

 =  You are welcome..
[20.Mar.06 10:28]
You are welcome regarding the comment I posted a while back on this poem.. What do you think of my poems, if you have ever had a chance to read them? All the best ..

Flavius B. Vlad

 =  Beautiful :)
ioana dintica
[27.Dec.08 18:39]
Very nice. I felt like going back in time and reliving myself to the origin and only after I could go ahead and give myself another try.
Maybe sometimes I feel that the shadows are the past, cloudy, uncertain, buried deep in the memory of one’s soul.
Kind regards. Ioana.

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