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 =  Not bad at all, your "To santa with love" Good luck!:)
Marinescu Stefania-Cornelia
[09.Jan.04 16:05]
I just want to answer you for your comments on my romanian poems : as a matter of fact, I registered on to search for smb., and thus, to have the chance to contact him (because I am not quite close to Romania, in this moment). I put some of my poems on the web site, but the other people's comments do not interst me at all. In fact, i write just for me and my friends, and for the people who really appriciate me and my works, and even though I do read a lot, i hate the idea of reading other people's works and then inspire me from them. It's not original at all!. I write what I fell, I like to put on the paper everything that I experience and that's all! My poems are not written to be published, are just for me and my friends. Thank you anyway for your suggestions, but fortunately for me, I won't follow them. I never did.
I have some poems in English too,which are not bad at all, and in French also (and I must tell you that those in French were read by my French teachers from prestigious university professors and they found them "very touching", so this is the kind of persons I really allow comments from, critics and suggestions.

 =  to be or not to be " prestigious"
Motoc Lavinia
[11.Jan.04 05:03]
I perfectly understand and respect your point of view . It is your choice and I am not going to interfere with it.
I am glad you have found something to like in my poem, I think Santa did, too.

 =  some snow
Michel Martin
[13.Jan.04 16:35] is Santa Claus. At least, the lambs are not screaming, they are not in a terrifing silence but they are singing carols, which is a little bit to magic, even for Christmas. Did she have a tree? A present?
"the walls of my belly"

There's always a pain in what's beautiful, isn't it?

 =  fatal attraction, Michel
Motoc Lavinia
[23.Jan.04 21:02]
Michel, there is some dark still magic attraction between you and pain, it looks like you cannot miss any poem on the subject.
As for the pain and beauty, I know this is your favourite theme and I know you are awfully right.

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