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Anca Maria Morcovescu
[08.Nov.04 23:59]
shouldn't there be "loved," in the last verse, instead of "love" ? Just asking...

 =  some
Daniel Dinescu
[09.Nov.04 00:08]
I think Anca is right, and also this verse - "all the meanings of a being" - doesn't sound very well.

 =  Star
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[09.Nov.04 00:25]

actually, I think this verse is marvelous: "all the meanings of a being." Can love be anything else than this? I agree with Camelia.

Camelia, here, you give in fact a definition of love. And this definition is beautiful in that it does not restrict us to one way of seeing or defining love; this definition itself needs to be defined. The "meanings" need definition, metaphorically speaking. What are these meanings? This is the secret. Love can be defined in so many ways... and the "meanings" shape this idea.

I also like the triangle pain – heart – bliss. The heart receives bliss when purified through pain. I like this idea.

I like the poem, Camelia.

+ ...
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[09.Nov.04 00:25]
...and the STAR!

 =  oh pleeeeaaaaase
andrei nicolescu
[09.Nov.04 02:46]
anca maria morcovescu, you just got to be kidding me.

this text does not deserve a star, i mean let's face it, the lack of any inovation, in both form and idea, is quite overwhelming - the same 16 year old diary kind of writing i have witnessed reading ioana's other poem that has a star (i think it has a star, i don't really recall)
anyway ioana dear, keep practicing, you'll get it one day

 =  Love
Ioana Camelia Popa
[09.Nov.04 16:06]
Dear Anca, thank you too for this sign that you like my writings. I am glad that you see what I try to say. "there, where only desire/ of being love is", "love" must stay "love" because I refer to it as to the notion, not at the meaning of being loved, so it is not about a person being loved, it is about the existence of love...
Thank you Anca, Daniel and Andrei

Dear Andrei,
I think that what you actually don`t like is my style, my way of thinking, which is kind of different of the way i express myself. There is a difference between what and how. You should think more about how the idea of love is perceived by a child, and how it is seen by a grown-up. The child sees love the most pure...see the difference...

 =  Hmmm...
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[07.Jan.05 23:12]

the poem does not strike me as a marvelous work of art, indeed. But I really like its simplicity and its message. Something does not have to be different to be nice. It is true that Cameila has work to do, but who does not? There is POTENTIAL in Camelia, and I felt it worked out well in this poem. Therefore, I stick to my star.
Keep in touch.
Inspiration, Camelia. Fight for your simple but priceless dreams in this complicated world.

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