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 =  Luminita
Motoc Lavinia
[06.Nov.04 15:44]
I feel that the strength of your poem is its simplicity, aparently the author is an outsider, an observer, watching. I enjoyed reading it.

 =  10x, Lavinia
Luminita Suse
[06.Nov.04 20:35]
Thank you very much, Lavinia!

 =  (;-)
Ioana Camelia Popa
[09.Nov.04 19:12]
Dear Luminita, reading this, the most beautiful thing I saw , is the idea of hope when two people meet, and then the idea of two life lines one over the other it is very strong. Finally, this poem will remain in my mind with the tactile sensation of two lives one over the other crossed...

 =  Amazinf view of meeting
Diana Pacuraru
[03.Mar.05 19:33]
Wow, the lifelines meeting...this is so beautiful, congrats!! Amazing view indeed. The poem is simple, but that part is simply great.

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