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Poetess Angela Marinescu
article [ Culture ]
believes she could have a career in politics

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by [Gelu Vlaºin ]

2004-11-24  |     | 

After turning down the award she received in 1980 from the Writer's Association, Angela Marinescu called upon her the hatred of the Communists but gained the respect of many colleagues. As a matter of fact, at the beginning of the Revolution, during the first days of December 1989, she managed to leave for France where she sent the "Letter of the 18," a protest of a group of intellectuals against Ceauşescu's dictatorship, to the "Free Europe" radio station. She got there with the help of Monica Lovinescu, after many inconveniences created by the Securitate.

Angela Marinescu did not have a happy childhood. Her father used to beat her often, and perhaps that is the reason she wet her bed until she reached 14 and in school she used to suck her thumbs because she feared the professor. Nevertheless, she took revenge for her sufferings by beating all the kids she met. She had only boy - friends; she completely dismissed girls, she thought they were stupid and superficial. During high school she hated the fact that she was unable to find a lover. She was in a hurry to resolve this sentimental matter because she had no self-confidence and she wished to get over it and be free.

Misfortunately, this freedom came at a high cost for at 14 she fell ill with a lung condition. She spent many years in hospitals and sanatoriums. The despairing of those years compelled her to follow the classes of the Medicine Faculty. She abandoned the courses in the final year and transferred to Psychology. At 24, she wrote her first poems, caused by a sentimental deception.

Angela Marinescu's life was a series of obsessions and deceptions. She was always asking too much, she was not contented with herself and she quarrelled with everybody. She went into a fight with writer Maria Luiza Cristescu, saying the latter had been caught trying to smuggle money out of the country in her underwear. She also fought with Marin Sorescu who tried to caress her leg one day. Nicolae Breban threw her out of the room when she said to his wife that she couldn't understand how could a man old enough to be her father sleep with her. Cristina, the wife, was some 30 years younger than Breban.

Angela Marinescu has no hobby; her only preoccupation is Alexandru Matei, her child, a young and talented poet himself. She would rather admire pets from a distance because she "has no energy to spend on animals." Angela Marinescu has only one friend, Ana, who is not a writer. She also gets along with Raluca Demetrescu, a young painter who is currently in Paris. She says she could befriend poet Rodica Draghincescu, "were she less autistic." For now they are just respecting each other.

She says about Gheorge Iova that he is a man worth fighting with. She listens to jazz because the epic language is no longer satisfactory for her and she is convinced that she surpassed the limits of the aesthetic long ago.

Angela Marinescu is a free spirit who loved literature and had no time for life. Now that she learned how to love life, she can no longer love literature. Maybe this is why she believes she could make a career in politics.

Gelu Vlaşin

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