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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry



Alina Maria Ivan[Ninuca]

 The soul is a permanent crucifixion. Ninuca

City of Residence: Brasov
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Beyond :
Poetry 2024-06-06 (50 hits)

life is a sexually transmitted disease :
Poetry 2023-03-14 (1711 hits)

The Sky In a Cage : a translation after a text by Nuta Craciun
Poetry 2020-05-01 (4950 hits)

Ashes and smoke :
Poetry 2020-02-17 (2942 hits)

The Grating of Childhood : a translation afler a text by Mihaela Roxana Boboc
Poetry 2016-06-30 (9217 hits)

I Dreamed of You by the Water :
Poetry 2016-06-27 (7571 hits)

The Lines of My Destiny :
Poetry 2016-06-22 (4296 hits)

In the Mirror :
Poetry 2016-05-24 (6512 hits)

The Edge :
Poetry 2016-04-06 (4298 hits)

absence : translation after a text by Marin Badea
Poetry 2016-03-29 (4266 hits)

The World Is Not Here :
Poetry 2016-03-09 (6005 hits)

Autumn Caresses Me :
Poetry 2015-10-13 (3974 hits)

buddha bar next to my body : a translation after a text by Ștefan Ciobanu
Poetry 2015-07-09 (3644 hits)

It`s Getting Dark Early in November : traducere după un text de Daniel Murărița
Poetry 2014-11-12 (4301 hits)

Poetry : translation
Poetry 2014-11-04 (4469 hits)

An Old Poetry : traducere dupa un text de Silviu Dachin
Poetry 2013-08-12 (11656 hits)

Journal in Sandals : translation
Poetry 2013-02-21 (7011 hits)

Do Not Follow :
Poetry 2013-02-15 (4944 hits)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall : translation
Poetry 2013-02-11 (7755 hits)

Wings Over Me :
Poetry 2013-02-08 (8250 hits)

Barefoot :
Poetry 2013-02-07 (7761 hits)

The First Myth of Our Love : translation after a text by Leonard Ancuta
Poetry 2013-02-04 (6066 hits)

This Season Is Long Gone : translation
Poetry 2013-01-29 (6188 hits)

Me theatre : translation
Poetry 2013-01-23 (8025 hits)

Contraceptive poem Text recommended by : translation
Poetry 2013-01-23 (10831 hits)

Prayer for the new year : translation
Poetry 2013-01-21 (6896 hits)

Photographs with the end of the world : translation
Poetry 2011-05-06 (8837 hits)

I Cry Myself Alive :
Poetry 2009-09-03 (8065 hits)

What do you care : translation
Poetry 2008-02-15 (6805 hits)

Remember stranger : translation
Poetry 2008-02-14 (8446 hits)

Be the snake :
Poetry 2006-03-02 (5815 hits)

Inside :
Poetry 2005-11-11 (6443 hits)

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So simple


Thank you

In my opinion

Beautiful images

Thank you...


Reading with the Soul


Thank you


Good poem

Thank you


Monica, thanks

Thank you Marius

For Javier

Reveal by hiding

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Biography Alina Maria Ivan

”eu în cuvinte, acrilice și cântec”

[email protected]

Premiul III Concursul de poezie „Andrei Mureșanu” 2016

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