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Process of Being. Involution and Evolution
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by [Alice-neko ]

2010-07-31  |     | 

Motto : “The way out for the world, the gates of the future, the entry into the superhuman, will not open ahead to the privileged few, or to a single people, elect among all peoples.”

Where has the universe begun? Where will the universe end? Thousands years the specialists tried to explain the truth of being, but our consciousness is too careless for deleting the storm of our spirits. It is certainly that, if the universe is born again, it will not allow happening all it is nowadays.
Ignorance invaded us when humans felt that whole world is theirs. So that, we have to understand the Involution and Evolution, the mechanical axis of Nature.

Firstly, it was the Involution, the process of extending delight of being to objects. According to Sri Aurobindo’s studies, there are three processes in Involution: self-conception, self-limitation and self-absorption.

1. Self-conception includes the divine decision of Absolute for creating the universe.
2. Self-limitation means the beginning of creating distinct forms.
3. The last process, self-absorption, characterizes forms of force of the universe to emerge as inconscient matter.

Moreover, the Consciousness-Force develops energy which coagulates into forms. When divided forms manage to use their minds, the process of Involution is finished and the Evolution begins. Therefore, humanity has to grow in consciousness until he reaches complete consciousness, which represent the key of life. As a result, humans begin to use their mind, and built their own destiny in world.
Furthermore, the essay of Ken Wilber explains the evolution of humanity according to corresponding colors. Thus, humanity has evolved from beige (archaic) to purple (magic) to red (mythic) to blue (mythic-rational). So that, humans evolve in their rhythm, from lower modes to higher states.
On the other hand, unconscious growth begins. This represents our wishes which become more and more and develop our consciousness. Mind forgets the divine source from which it came; and loses its knowledge by identity. At that point the wholeness between spirit and matter was lost. Perhaps, this is the base of our Ignorance, to overlook the power that managed to divide us in forms of being and gives us the opportunity to have a life.
Consequently, humans’ species desires more and more, to posses the world. This will convert in our soul’s Involution. Hallucinated people take the wrong road of life, and fall incessantly, until their consciousness come to inner obscurity.

In conclusion, humans got the sea of energy, named life from universe, through the process of Involution, but their ignorance and selfishness, leaded them in other Involution, the one of their souls. In my point of view, our Evolution existed only for a little period, until humans’ minds had discovered the nucleus of life, and their unconsciousness destroyed the world.

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