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Wuthering Heights
personals [ Thoughts ]

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by [crazy-b ]

2010-05-06  |     | 

As a reader you feel between the hammer and the anvil in this very novel representing a genuine morals’ scene, a vivid exhibition of forces that drive and touch a human being, making each of us able to turn in certain directions but unable to turn over the leaf. Every character present in this book is disclosing a certain past which indubitably influences their route and configuration.

Everybody wants and hopes that someday will own a part of the whole they actually abominate. Unable to feel themselves content and enjoy their existence as it is, they have often recourse to a well-known custom of destroying what they cannot understand and be.

A boiling caldron, an unsafe soggy land, the hilly surroundings of the Trushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights offer somekind of lava for the plot; an unperemptory glue which blends, mends, mixes and reveals the cocktail-result of the permutating pairs throughout the timeline: Mr. Earnshaw-Mrs. Earnshaw, Mr.Linton-Mrs. Linton, Hindley Earnshaw-Catherine Earnshaw, Edgar Linton-Isabella Linton, Hindley Earnshaw-Frances, Edgar Linton-Catherine Earnshaw, Heatcliff-Catherine Earnshaw, Heatcliff-Isabella Linton, Cathy Earnshaw-Linton Heatcliff, Cathy Earnshaw-Hareton Earnshaw(probably)…

The dissensions, which appear to be inherent between beings that cannot cohabitate because they were raised on different sides of the fence, are kept alive and received as a legacy by their heirs. Heatcliff hates Edgar’s because of his upper middle class afillitiation and refinement, so he seeks for revenge even after the death of his rival and his wife(at the same time Heatcliff’s mistress). He sees in little Cathy both the woman that has betrayed him in order to strengthen her class status and the young, lucky, good-looking and wise gentleman that he could never be. Those facts determine Heatcliff to commit himself to a life-long vendeta in order to punish the descendants of those which he thinks had wronged him. The perishing of Edgar and Catherine does not succeed in satisying Heatcliff’s thirst for malice. At the same time, all the spite and aversion her parents swallowed down during Heatcliff’s early years, is shifted to young Cathy that confronts old Heatcliff towards the end of the plot: “You shouldn’t grudge a few yards of earth for me to ornament, when you have taken all my land!”

A veritable pylar for the narration, Nelly grows up with the second generation of the Earnshaws and Lintons and impersonates both a servant and a sister for Hindley and his sister, Catherine. Moreover she substitutes the mother for several infants(Hareton, Cathy) throughout the opera. Her ceaselessness and neutrality/changeable standpoint save and allow her to relate the drama to Mr. Lockwood which arrives at Thrushcross Grange in 1801 and goes to nearby Wuthering Heights to meet his landlord, then comes back to Thrushcross Grange puzzled and appalled by what was going on up there. Her pains to stop the everlasting conflict between Heatcliff and the Earnshaws/the Lintons, which also brought Catherine as a bone of contention, seem to be futile. Her wisdom, love and equilibrium are outruned by somekind of feeling that is far beyond hate and envy. However she survives her “children” and manages to tell Mr. Lockwood the whole story, becoming one of the few characters that outlive the final spurts of Heatcliff’s venom which blench after Lockwood’s departure to London and before he revisits the moors.

Although misteriously enriched and refined during his 3 year absence, Heatcliff’s failure in reaching his supreme ambition is obvious: all his enemies are dead, yet he is not satisfied; eventhough his wish is observed and he is burried next to his love, the conjugal triangle cannot be separated(Catherine is buried between Edgar and Heatcliff) because the woman that destroyed both of them, loved the gentleman(her ambitions) and the villain(her happiness/freedom) the same; after aquiring economical power in order to become as his Catherine wanted him to be, he proves unable to be an apparrtenant of the class he craved for;

The chain of turbulent events comes to an end after Heatcliff’s death and Lockwood’s return to Trushcross Grange and, then, Wuthering Heights again, where Nelly tells him what happened during his stay at London. A new young Catherine and a new relationship. A new beginning and a gleam of hope. A valuable work and a lesson to be learned by the readers. A must have! Read it!

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