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Like a dream...
personals [ Journal ]

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by [oeildechat ]

2007-09-26  |     | 

It`s just like a dream. You`ve tried It , so will you ever be able to wake-up , before the dream becomes a nightmare? This is the questions you keep asking yourself.

Heroin is what i`m talking about.

It`s like falling in love, It`s like the first love which you`ll never forget.

So it begins, like a dream , and you see a new vision of the world, and you fell different, special, and you are. Some will See you and will call you a junkie, but others will share your ideas. Now you know that you are different, like from a new breed, and you are intelligent because you find pleasure in such a simple way. You don`t know yet how complicated is, IT.

Why did you try IT? Because you`ve seen some posters at school against It and you`ve said "Why the hell not?". Or was it because It`s against the law and you`ve said rules are made to be broken?

But you know that it was for love, your love for Him. You wanted to be like Him, to share feelings , to have more in common, to be together as one, and you are deep in your soul.

He doesn`t want to harm you , He`s just sharing with you his first love, because he can`t deal without It, and wants you to feel good, to have some moments of pleasure together.

Time passes hard, so one minute seems like forever, and forever seems nice when you`re young and healthy , and you are , yet. Time has no value to you, loving It is so good , because It makes you love yourself, and that`s when He comes second.

You still enjoy making love with Him. He`s so tender , and sweet , and He treats you good, but He can`t compare with the Heroine. You feel so young , alive and beautiful , and now you love IT! You really love IT! And It loves you back, you think so , because it makes you feel good.

The others, your pit-full friends ( because that`s what you call them now ) , don`t know what`s happening to you, because , you are special , you feel good, you`ve got it!

You don`t know yet, that you already are It`s slave. Heroine have seduced you, and made you love Him, because It was your first true love, not Him! He was a dream , It is real.

Reality bites! Now you have to get It, to be normal , to act normal , to be able to smile, to talk otherwise you`re in big pain.

What will you do? You`ll cry at the begining , and you`ll blame Him, but you were the one that really wanted It, and He have warn you.

Now you need It. You`re in big trouble, girl.

Deal with it! Dream is over , the nightmare begins.

You`ll need money to get It, and It`s not cheap. You are a girl , what can you do? Don`t be shy! When you`ve pricked your vein i didn`t see you blushing.

Now you can see that Heroine have cheated you. Now you are ashamed of what you are, of what you have done for It. Now, you don`t either look for pleasure , you look to stop the pain.

What have you done?

I`m not the storyteller , i`m probably the conscience. Now you are probably asking yourself if the story is true or not, but i`ll leave you with this uncertainty.

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