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About Innocence and Contradiction
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Dedicated to Vandana, Shivani and Manu (II)

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by [cam ]

2007-01-15  |     | 

“India is, same as Romania, a country with a lot of poor people. [...]
Saving-that here, the poorness engenders sufferance and neurosis. There, the poorness do not cause the frustration’s sufferance, do not bring forth the neurosis. It means that they have a higher threshold of toleration at frustration. They posses the equanimity and, implicitly, the immunity generated by it.
Otherwise told, even if it is a country without big natural resources, India feeds a milliard of inhabitants which are mental and physical healthy.
They are healthy even if the medical assistance is insufficient and this health bases on the natural resistance, on the immunity generated by tranquility.
Romania, on the contrary, even if possesses many natural resources and a climate proper for live, it is a country of nerves, of discontent and implicitly, of physical resistance‚Äôs weakening. A project has to set to rights the spiritual discipline and has to heal the nation‚Äôs complexes.‚ÄĚ (Vasile Andru - Yaatra. An Indian Diary)

An Indian stops nearby every material and spiritual datum, allotting to it other kind of value than we do, a value included within a scald belonging somehow to another dimension, a dimension considered by us being part of the category of the forth. If you bridled your tendency to judge, trying to turn your national conscience into a universal one, only thus you are prepared for the riches that in a natural way and unconsciously the Indian are able for offer you as a precious gift.
A simple commonplace deed, initially tempted to classify it like a consequence of education less, of impoliteness, of selfishness or parsimony, seen just a little more attentively or indulgently, can reveal you beneficial and healthy view points of a way of living. You can learn of how to praise everything, beginning with a crumb of bread until a word learnt in a new language. Thus, every moment given to you fit in a ritual time that includes you into the Sense, notion so rendered commonplace for us. Every action, uninterested if it acted by a scavenger or a genius, includes the man within the cosmic full swing, and reasons him into live convicted that he is an indispensable part of the Universe.
Innocent like a child, The Indian man appears in your doorway, same how appears in front of your soul’s door, frankly asking you to let him enter in. This candor, so rarely met here, fills the moments spent nearby him with a kind of celebration’s magic. He is thankfully for all you have for giving to him and unconscious concerning the spiritual gifts that he is able to give you. A well knower concerning the reading between the lines, almost gifted with an additional sense, he refuses to translate the empty spaces from amongst the lines.
He is the human being who craves for the supreme state without searching for a way to touch it elsewhere but within him. We name him resigned in what concerns his fate, but it is possible that his equanimity to arise from innocence, from a kind of candor of that one who carries inside, even if he does not know, the conscience that we all are part of a divine Unity and our actions are nothing else but the acts of Whole One. A harm of yours is a harm of him, as parts of the same Unity. The renunciation, the gentleness, the temperance, the demureness, the abnegation until sacrifice, are qualities belonging to the Indian person as resulting from the conscience of that one born for touch a divine state.
His gladness in front of the petty happening of life is the outspoken gladness of a child when he considers himself important.
A kind of telepathic emanation lures your soul and mind to take part in a free from tainting peace, joining him within an exaltation generated by something not known. For a moment, it seems that you are safe from failure and earthliness, but you must allow him to harmonize your spiritual vibrations with his. If you contrive to demount yours preconceived ideas about what beseem to and what ought not to, if you try to forget what you learnt about inter-human relationships, the Indian becomes at once and inevitably your friend, your brother.
Alas, they follow us. They started to learn at schools how on can ‚Äúwin‚ÄĚ people, and when they try to put in practice this ‚Äúlearning‚ÄĚ, they become almost funny. Maybe this sad reality will destroy, in time, their natural way, their innate way of drawing near one another, and inevitably will destroy their intuition. Unfortunately, this process cannot stop, being part of the professed progress. For the time being, unlike us, the Indian is able to delimit the learnt by heart theories from the innate aptitudes.
As contradictory are the moods generated by an Indian person, as productive they are. Instead of trying to decipher the Indian’s mystery is more beneficial to join him inside this mystery. Instead of the imprudent conclusions of the all-knowing European in his futility, is much better and healthy to adopt an infantile state within this mystery, and thus you will turn yourself into a fertile field for unimaginable and beneficial new elements.

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