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Angel Dolor
poetry [ Visual ]
the story of love and death... of demon and his grief... of feelings beyond... (2005)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [ardorugus ]

2010-06-14  |     | 

From daylight crypts that reckon time where Pan in laughter drinks the wine
Which many maiden sacrificed to stop their innocent decline
Into the garden where dead in darkness gowned weave their rhymes
Coming the vice of fleshy bread within the malady of sound
Black spirits cry for mild vibration inside this melancholic ground
But dread pulsating kills temptation embracing in another round
In the remembrance of a shroud…

Alike these transcendental visions of weeping past and blood cognitions
My coffin shadow strolls about the archway to the daylight regions
There in the memory of sun my heart remember’ snow-white pigeon
Who sat on grave before my name and dug with beak the earth of damned
When ghoul was standing in the night away from feelings that he wed
That creature of luminescence in swampy dirt of naiads’ bed
Was me who bowed before her head…

In Dies Irae lamentations on gallows Benedictine’ sore
Inhuman senses spawned egregious folios of Selena’s lore
For lambent withering of flames together reach forevermore
Two shrouds under blanching gore where eventide sing woe alone
Two dancers in amorphous show where baritone and tenor moan
Roses of sable threesome mud entwining with the granite stone
And one before in pigeons’ gown…

A silhouette of wolfish shape casting the shade of raven’ blade
Nearby the limbo ghostly strode renouncing to trespass the gate
His witching hour was raped whilst he broke chalice of his fate
Asking for only last farewell, the bright delighting of her lamp
When prayers had been heard, alas, the view daubed memory with stamp
Of tender face in days of love which then were raped to deadly cramp
That day when she became her lamp…

Solemn, lachrymose rainy hermit was crying pipe of bitterness
Reminding promenades in dormant oblivious gentleness
His throat waves tore off my eyes no wasting tears in emptiness
But bleeding holes within that face – a drawing of artistic craze
Since then can see the only place – a meadow in Apollo’s rays
Where harp of Lug brought oath d’amour, our touches played desiring daze
Where lost forgotten our trace…

What is solace? Blue symphony where drugs and chemicals compose
Tranc’alchogolic mystery for those with grief being overdosed
I drank these beverages (for) years, each flavour of alchemic woes
Crest-fallen lost my cradle-ground but tried to snatch at thorny roots
Stumbled between the earth and flood where rotten angels icons shoot
They made me Christ by little traits transforming evil into good
Whatever evilness in mood…

Where blackness damask’ buri’l dress for fairies from the graveyard’ breast
Adorning their soiree with lilies wrest from Charon’s chest
My crucified neglected heart became the night-lamp overnest
In aureole of crimson waves seductive harlots ravish names
On beds ornamented with hard-core phallus stakes of bones of blames
Here Khali-Ma conducts the ball, this putrid carnival for lames
Here love commutes for endless stains…

No! Break perennial demise, my spirit in seren’al skies
Destroy the mirrors in my eyes that whisper lies, corrosive lies
If nothing could be done today, I ask, Mnemosin’, hear my cries
And kill me in the moment when my lovely mistress baptized dead
Let birds of light and casket’ night together in October wed
In glare of autumn leaves’ palette under the rain so softly shed
Like in that drowning day I bled…

Like in that day when living spring painted in death of loving being
Like in that day when woman’ tears let anguish fall – this sadly sting
That day beneath the needle rain which every drop of pierced and dinged
One rainy day in sunny dozen that instantly did murder blossom
Making from man of flesh and blood a monument of granite woesome
Making my lassie in a trice a widow in the moonlight foam
Leaving her decadence to roam…

That rainy day, let reque’m play… Before the gate to dusty bay
My lorn surrealism forsaken in blindness traveling wrong way
The vision sees only her face performed by moon in finest lay
Tangled in locks of fair flowers, in their berry sweet odour
Lost in her eyes – gems of enigma, crowns of sun on azure shore
Rose passes smoothly over skin, each line of ecstatic adore
Her languid wants: “Encore! Encore…”

Her languid sighs, her rousing warmth, her love obsessively perme’tes
And at that time we levitate and go back to where seized our fate
Two deadly shades, two jeunes premiers on stage of skeleton estate
Where queen Hecate beholds domain of Nicta’s diabolic brain…
“Lo, thou art sick! Creature of bite arose to immolate and drain
Amorous sentiments… That hurts and in thy soul depraves la haine
Forever dead and all insane…”

I called my ardeur back before my arms could find thee, then the lied
Thou sangest to me until the dawn caught unawares our mead
Caressed my ears with delectation reminding nakedness of wit…
Remember me, my snow-white pigeon, my ever effulgent lenore
I take a step in nightmare regions, closing the door forevermore
Into the garden where, damned, my nothing dies in hearses’ store…
“He asked… Sing once again thy lied…
Nocturnal kite… Angel Dolor…”

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