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Lady Liberty
poetry [ ]
(The Statue of Liberty)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Bibliofilul ]

2006-03-07  |     | 

Mrs. Liberty has instead of roots
heroes who, kneeling underneath, in their graves, under the flowers
propelling their souls under her wary garment,
have been united with her in her immortal body of bronze in a river of fire.
Behold, Lady Liberty now is alive!
She breaths, she moves, and like a giant grows,
and watches for us all, dressed in her armour of hope and energy;
and brave ancestors send their glory to shine through her eternal rays and sacred halo.
The heroes of America still carry her on their shoulders;
and inside her hot, with heavy struggles, a volcano will trigger her fire warm heartbeat,
when we together walking through her body,
as blood cells in an infinite and vital transfusion,
will say with Pygmalion voice, will give the first order:
“Our Lady, it is the time – walk forward!”
And maybe that time has already arrived to tell her:
“Awake, our dear Mother, from your immobility!
Dare to awake from your granite. Walk forward, walk!”
And then she will walk gloriously, as Jesus, on the waves of the Ocean,
dressed in power and sun, toward the continents,
with no fear over the borders, over obstacles, crushing all shackles, all chains…

O, sacred Lady Liberty! O dear Mother,
Ever eye shall see you when you will shake the bars of meridians and parallels.
No guns, no rusty chain will resist the fire of your torch,
And nothing will stop you, as you will march powerfull, renewed, invincible and huge;
No raging hurricanes, nor the dirty spitting
of the surrounding pygmies with their green flags,
nor white turbans, nor red fists raised against you with savage hate,
nor fierce arrows of poison, will they be able to extinguish your burning torch
whose fire will rise to the clouds, to the sun, to the stars, to the Polaris;
lighting our faces, moving seasons and centuries, under a new order of freedom,
under the Star Spangled Banner!
And your voice will kill thunder, your eyes balls of lighting, blinding the enemies,
crushed like worms and ants under your feet, O sacred Lady Liberty!

And if by and by your light will fade,
we will throw in your flame all the forests of Terra,
and all volcanoes, and then the Moon, and the Sun and the sky!
And at last our bodies as terminal combustion;
for, if you fall with your flame in the Ocean, AMERICA falls!
And if America falls, O, Liberty,
the whole world will collapse in abyss,
because You are a symbol of Whole World!
O, people of the world, listen to me and believe the sorrowful truth, saying forever:
This will never happen! Never, never, never!

.  |

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