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The Divine Tragedy
poetry [ ]
God,Adam,Origin of Life,Divinity,The Original Sin,World

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [ Mazhar Butt ]

2007-11-01  |     | 

The Divine Tragedy

May I ask you a question,Lord,
A question which boggles my mind
And wrenches my heart with every tick of the clock?
By your leave may I ask
Was the First Sin of Adam and Eve so unbearably offending to attract the extreme wrath of your Lordship?
From Eden you drove them out to suffer
the same sin until doomsday?

Do you think your act warranted your proverbial kindness and mercy?
Just one simple mistake,
a single instance of so-called disobedience,
would damn the gist of your Creation ! Oh, no !
Wasn't it too ungodly of you to treat them,
The perfection of your own artifice,
with such impatient hospitality?
You could have,if you wanted, forgiven them
If not you could have sent them to hell
Or if hell was not ready at that time
Or you hadn't the idea clicked you yet,
To waiting in the purgatory,
Or, you could have exiled them to some other world
Where the sins they committed couldn't be repeated.
My Lord, I think you erred in judgment,
took a wrong turn, perhaps,
At the instance of your loveless advisers,
your army of angels.
a great injustice has been done
In ousting humans from their place of birth,
destining them to live, suffer and die;
wasn't there something better you could do
To emancipate them from forced sufferings and circuitry of sins?
Nothing you could do to prevent them from turning into mere slaves of belly and below
and turn the virgin earth inot ghoulish earth of yours?
Adam and Eve are apples of your eye
yet you felt the need to clone
and replicate them in millions and billions
repeating the same Original Sin?
A sin replete with unending sufferings but a little joy
Wasn't it easy for you to plan differently,
Easy for you easy for the humankind?
Was it your desire to have a fleet of human population
Engaged in all sorts of good and evil
simply to appease and make you happy?
Couldn't you rest content with one Adam
And One Eve in paradise?
Was it not possible for you to forgive them
For their first sin, sin simpliciter?
You could have decorated your paradise
And enriched it with human replicas
By simply pulverizing some of Adam's ribs
And converting them into Eves of all sorts
Without making them pass through
The pains and pangs and pleasures of biological burdens,
The curse of hunger, appetite, libido, satiation and orgasm
Oh, Lord, have you ever thought
Your haste has brought untold sufferings
To your beloved children
What you could do so simply and easily
With your touted mercy and magnificence
Remained undone for un-understandable reasons
All you did may be fine in your own right
But then why these promises of deferred reward
In the hereafter?
Why this roar of punishment in the after-life
For things you ordained Satan to enforce
Upon your children?
Why, why all this tribulation
This undeserving treatment
To your dearest ones on earth-
Us, the Humans?

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