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About strikers
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Clevian ]

2008-03-06  |     | 

We've scared the streets,
with our banners of hatred,
towards the powers of the state.
We've gone so far,
that the sidewalks,
make room for us,
they don't want to get hurt,
by thousand of steps,
which walk so firmly.

Us, the strikers,
make a lot of noise,
for our rights,
for our demands.
We are some kind of a scarecrow,
to normal people.

We've even developed a kind of personality,
called the striker's attitude
always unsatisfied, always demanding,
always searching reason,
to flag our thoughts, downtown,
close to the mayor hall.

We are the unwanted actors,
that really want to perform,
but this right, is refused to us,
because we don't want their lines,
we hate the script
and always want, to play the way we feel,
not the way, someone tells us to feel.

It's very hard to be a striker,
but once you've become one,
you stay a striker,
following ideas and great principals,
that come in, with no great effort.

It's a good job,
you never get bored,
just occasionally,
when you end up in jail, for a few of days,
for disturbance in public places.

Some people get paranoid around us,
they begin to shout, all sorts things,
like one did once,
asking for his wife, to return home,
because the children started skipping school,
and he can't get them there
not knowing where is it...

I know it's stupid,
that's why people must understand,
being a striker, it's not for everyone.

You can't join a group of strikers,
If your demands involve domestic things...

We only fight for honor and for human rights.

As if, these days, the word honor
even has a meaning..

But we keep dreaming, like fools
that our strike will reach its purpose.

Being a striker,
turns your world upside down,
you begin to see things
and imagine, a perfect world.

Sometimes , it's all about fantasying
but with sure roots, in reality.

To be honest, we only fight for money.

A strike may get very expensive,
as we need to use a lot of tools,
to help us, express better.

We never take things for granted,
that's why we demand them..

The core of a strike
stands in being loud,
being annoying,
and desperate.

We even have a party,
that votes if the strike should be on Mondays
or Fridays.

We are a legal organization,
that fights, for human rights.

So, if you ever need us,
Dial the numbers bellow,
and we promise ,
to get you back, even your cat.

To conclude:
Where's a fire burning, call us
To make it go away.

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