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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry


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prose [ ]
Descriptive painting

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by [stradymarius ]

2008-01-24  |     | 

A big large room, 2 matches, 1 bulb which flickers, 3 silhouettes ( 1 boy and 2 girls), one bottle of water, 2 bottles of whisky, one opened window, one thermometer, 6 nipples ( 2 smaller, 2 a little bit bigger and 2 huge ones).

Once in a while ... 4 feet, 1 match burns, the bulb scatters a movement sensation, lots of moans: of coldness, of pleasure, of pain, of death; a bottle of whisky sniffs for gustative capillaries of a sensuousness woman.

The second woman screams into the melancholy joy of love! Because of the frostiness, only caterpillar feet are cramped into the blue marble floor. The thermometer looks like sensing a big rough atomic movement, concentration - oscillating it's volume on a column. We know that under a critical temperature, the blood will not flow through veins; viscosity grows ... the same, the friction coefficient!

The second bottle of whisky, 3 lips on the narrow neck of a bottle ... chase for death.
Lots of laughs, ecstasy moments, 1 jealousy idea, first bottle of whisky crushes; from the body of one women blows blood glass crocks ... sensation laughs, diluted into the idea of eyewash - on the floor blood combines itself with whisky. 4 feet and a dead body ... sometimes there are 2 feet and a dead body. Whisky flows inside their bodies, with high feeling through veins, 2 thin brains - one was cold, because of the wind blowing too crazy through window.

One idea, the second whisky bottle crushes, the bulb flickers horror, a sweet death and a sensual woman that laughs. Her big boobs cover a bloody painting! The water bottle crushes on the red marble floor, looking for a cold blue. The last match starts burning and explodes under alcohol vapors.

(...) 3 dead bodies, 2 cold brains - one of them much warmer, 3 broken bottles, a cold dead thermometer, the same 6 nipples, one broken bulb.

A black, cold and warm, red and blue large room.

One eye stares at me, on a piece of paper ... to all that happens!

This is you!

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