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Poezii RomÔnesti - Romanian Poetry


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Texts: Personals Journal

. inferior
Personals [Journal]
Mandy Jurien -

. singing of peace they preach despair
Personals [Journal]
Ravendark Scar Furiel -

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.Most recent texts in workshop:

The following texts were classified unsatisfactory by an editor. All members are encouraged to submit their comments and offer creative feedback on these texts, to help these authors improve and evolve.

Personals Mom, - by Grigoraș V.Vasilică
Personals Just to answer - by Iurcencu Teodora Ioana
Personals Evening thought - by Daria Gordon
Personals Reason to worry ? - by Ankh Joker
Personals Frozen - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Awake - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Tears are falling - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Lust - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Decision - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Swear It - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Life - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals The beginning of a beautiful friendship - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Crying - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals Some nights between us.. - by Orha Maria Valeria
Personals I call you Hope - by Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
Personals Forgiving thoughts - by Ankh Joker
Personals Lily-soul - by VERBINESCU
Personals New World Order - by Pelin Razvan Romeo
Personals You used to... - by Violeta
Personals Androgin - by bradu andreea
Personals Feeling alone - by Mitocariu Irina
Personals something - by radulescu cristina
Personals symbol of truth - by Givemore Manyengawana
Personals alone in my mind - by Mitocariu Irina
Personals Seagulls - by Iurcencu Teodora Ioana
Personals For M.y love - by Apostol Andreea
Personals We are different - by Pomana Sorin
Personals Take control of your mind - by Hora╚Ťiu Pu╚Öc─â
Personals The nightmare - by petrusca stefan
Personals thoughts - by ng
Personals thoughts - by ng
Personals thoughts - by ng
Personals Simply dancer - by Doru Lascarache
Personals Maybe... - by Bezem Ana- Maria
Personals My grey wolf - by Marlena Culi
Personals Are you? - by Marlena Culi
Personals Ode to books - by Marlena Culi
Personals White și negru - by Marlena Culi
Personals I need you - by Iurcencu Teodora Ioana
Personals Thoughts - by Raluca-Stefania Mihai
Personals Larger than life - by Petraru Carmen
Personals I love you in all colours - by Daniela Voicu
Personals soldiers - by Daniela Voicu
Personals Long way - by Doru Lascarache
Personals Some sad thing - by georgiana
Personals Love letters - by Adela Cenghri
Personals The shadow of the past - by Popescu
Personals a dream - by dana osiac
Personals pain made of paper - by Mathias Will
Personals in search of my angel - by BUCUR-SABAU LAURA
Personals So long, goodbye - by Laurentiu
Personals Nothing.... - by Laurentiu
Personals A touch of blessing, a touch of curse - by Andreea Popovici
Personals Dream of us - by A T
Personals Death Related - by Denisa Oana Radoi
Personals i'm Dick - by Exp Unu
Personals MAYBE...... - by Nicolae Anca Rodica
Personals Homework - by nimeni1
Personals something different to say... - by Felix Onofrei


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