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A New Order?
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Samples and reflections

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by [Songo ]

2006-04-29  |     | 

A New Order?

(1) The Systems
On September 11, 2001, Capitalism received its first deadly stab. Communism, already in agony, is no longer an option.
The Economic Model cannot stand the times anymore, neither the Military Patterns.
Culture is advancing to a Mix, where Isolation will no longer be an option.
Capitalism has proved to be wrong in its savage and merciless form.
We need a New Order based in the Value of the Human Being by itself, where the Individual Design of Each Soul must be respected.
The harmonious mix of freedom, spirituality and respect to the individuality with social security, good health and educational services is an urge.
It is an awful truth that the sums spent in weapons and war industry by Governments as U.S.A., could relieve Poor Countries´ Endemic Famine... How? By teaching them to fish, not bringing them the fish already cooked.
The resources are there but in a few hands. Big fish are eating smaller fish until only a few fat fish will remain, a lonely reminder of fatality.
What sense is there in the wicked wish to dominate other countries and impose one law?
(2) The Poles
We had lived for nearly 50 years in a Bipolar World.
After WWII the World turned around the 2 Main Axes, known as NATO and Warsaw Pact. In the Middle, Leaders such as Jawahralal Nehru and Gamal Abdel Nasser commanded a movement called "Non-Aligned Countries", trying to have an identity of their own in a Bipolar World.
One of the 2 Empires Collapsed and the Iron Curtain was unveiled and broken.
We were left to the devices of One Empire, a Unipolar World commanded by U.S.A., the One and Only Empire.
Europe as a Whole made tangent Endeavours to become One, a counterforce to level the actions in a Unipolar World.
It is dangerous to have a Unipolar World, an Empire forcing His Way to the rest of the World, like a Global Gendarme.
Europe has a historic chance to be the Leveler of the Forces of the World, refraining the Empire to abuse from the World.
On the other hand Muslim Nations try hard not to be stigmatised with the Ghost of Terror and Latinamerican Leaders at their time are going back to the Leftist Speech (Lula Da Silva, Kirchner, Tabare Vasquez, Torrijos) even at the extremes (Chavez & Castro).
(3) Globalisation
"United We Stand"
The ideal to make the World a Small Village, a Common Town is a noble one. However, there are many pending issues that stand like obstacles against this dream.
Free trade is seldom free. Rich countries still protect their agriculture, the environmental controls are not always there in every nation. So, what use is there whatsoever for a poor country by signing a FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with a rich country? If at the end of it all, there will only be more dependence and dependence.
My point is that if crucial issues such as Health, Education, Nurturing and Accesibility To Technology are not solved in Equity, Globalisation will be a deceit and the root for more remorse and anger from poor towards rich.
Globalisation can only work on the basis of Respect.
Do we respect Nature? Do our governments love more their fears? Is this why they spend so much money in Weapons? Why do we let people starve? Are the G-8 Summits any good?
What do we want for Europe, for America, for Asia, for Africa, for Oceania, for the
(4) The Energy Issue:
"Broken levees, dead dams,
dry, wasted reserves,
energy under threat of extinction."
From Jazz Variations On A Natural Theme, Poem of my authorship, written in 2004.

The World is moved with Energy and as long as Civilizations are provided with a proper, reliable and accessible source of Energy, Progress will be at our hand and the cost of Life will be lowered.
Along with the Industrial Revolution the World started to move around Steam Machines, Coal Engines, Steel and Massive Labour.
This was the beginning of an increasing gap between Industrial Nations and those who were not "engined".
Coal was required, and the Petroleum was brought forth, accessible for Engines (Ships, Cars, Tractors, Factories, for Heating) and for almost everything.
Many huge fortunes were made out of Oil, and it has turned out to make life so expensive nowadays.
Those pioneers and visionaries who think that it is possible for vehicles (e.g. cars) to be powered by water, alcohol, sugar cane juice, eolic source, etc., have been virtually (or literally?) bought by the big Tycoons of Oil Co.`s, now labeled as the Alternative Energy Departments. In other words, the New Sources of Energy are controlled by those who control Oil and the Economy.
I do not accept that Petroleum can be the only source of energy in the World. Where will Petroleum be in 200 years? Where is our Vision for a Better World? Is another world, another way possible?
On the other hand, don`t you think that Petroleum is in the Ecosystem for some reason and removing it from Nature could alter the Equilibrium of such Ecosystem?

Let us think on the above-mentioned items as examples of our New Reality and
remember my lines:

"But in that stillness,
still strange,
there beats the heart
of the greatest convulsion,
a logical contradiction,
but nobody can see
a thing.
the forces keepers of the order,
the dead religious manifestations
the Lords of each and every thing
the Opium of the masses,
they awake up much too violently
because the order they kept
isn`t it anymore
and the blood, as well as the rain
and the fire on this Land
are the only ones
that will wash the stains
of this reasonless order
kept under no concept.
So, everybody die now,
to resurrect and
to be born again."
Evolve to solve - 1992

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