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screenplay [ ]
Polemica Sufletelor

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Red Dawn ]

2003-12-28  |     | 

( semi darkness, an old table in the middle of the room and a lit candle on it, in the center; next to the candle, a long gothic pen with a pea-cock feather at its end. At the table, she sits…or is that me?)

“God, if I only had the power to step on his body and kill him right under your eyes, I would do that and if You would tell me that it’s a sin to kill, then I would scream to You that he was born only to be killed …or to kill me through me, with me, inside me! OF!
(she takes the pen in her hand and starts playing with it, drawing circles in the air)
Yes, I would kill him with my life’s dark pen, a life that he writes every day and I would transform him in word and name it “Forget”, only so that he would stop being “Me” and stop writing my rusty destiny and You, God, you HAVE TO let me re-baptize myself and become a hybris because I simply do not deserve the name “Human”! Come to think of it now, I don’t even want to be one, it’s too simple, too ordinary, ahhh, too many people nowadays. I’m something different, I’m not a human because if I were one it would be impossible for me to Think. People nowadays don’t think…they mime the process until they come to believe in their roles, they believe they’re some kind of fire when actually they’re just ashes, they believe they’re huge when actually they’re just some ugly letters in a dictionary.
How can I call myself a Human when I always lie to my soul, when I tell him that he’s mine, when I kill….when I kill over and over again that other soul that is inside me and that calls me, crying, from the sky?!? I always kill him when I pretend I don’t hear him cry…
(she blows the candle out; complete darkness surrounds her and a certain breeze of evil can be sensed)

Hey, candle! I have just discovered that I have 3 souls! THREE! God, another one! This third one, coming up from Hell caught a vein in my throat and he’s just standing there waiting for the deep storm to come, but not so he would free himself, but to start spreading himself through all my body, carried by the wind. Crazy!! Look, see?! Can u see how he laughs at me??!??
Candle, I’m scared because somebody told me that I will someday have a lot of souls: one in my eyes, one inside the ears, and some more on my cheecks.
(she brings the candle really close to her face)
What do you mean who told me? I forgot… I forgot, sorry…. …….. …….. WHAT? You told me that? No! No No No! I don’t believe you, LiaR!!
I will use one soul to feel his world, another one to hear someone else’s voice, and the other ones to touch him and re-baptize him “forget”. That’s what he deserves!!!
Yes, I want to “forget”! I wonder just how would it be like for me to forget all about my souls and to become "him"? To be me myself “forget” and he, my “hybris”, to fly along with me, creating a violet cliché, then to land in front of God where, AT LAST!, I can kill him for invading my being, I can force him to a demonical catharsis out of which he will scream with fear, in despair because he hates being baptized and also hates it when I force him to grow wings only because I WANT TO!
(she wants to get up from the table, but she changes her mind and sits back, takes the candle in her hand, lights it and here’re her big dark eyes, scared and wet with fear)
Why can’t I? Here, on Earth, I am something too damned material for the rest of the world, I am too damned real to be alone inside me because I am not really that strong that I want to seem like. He helps me every time, he’s my reality and I’m alive along with him. WHAT? Me, to be Me without him? I think I would be invisible if he wouldn’t give me color, charm, strength, color, charm, power! NO!!!
Common, common my third soul, tell me why do you all want me and why don’t u break me already, why don’t you break me into pieces because it would be interesting for me to be the 1st soul-fall. Common, tell me!
WHAT? I don’t break? Liar! Liar! I don’t know you anymore…
You, you, my real soul, you come here and tell me why did u leave all these impostors to come inside me, why? Yes, that’s it, sit down! … BrrrRR! You’re so cold! So cold… (pulls back her hand and shivers)
Common, my real soul, let’s baptize ourselves, just you and me. Us, together let’s be the dual hybris in a single world. (shivering):
WHAT? I’ve just created another soul?!? LIAR!!! It hurts giving birth to it, my imagination hurts, my respiration that keeps him alive hurts! Common, intruder, come to me! Yes, Yes, you, stop hiding behind myself…
(ironical smile) MmMm, you’re warm…
(she takes the pen in her hand, rises it up in the air, looks at it with her big black eyes, and stabs them with the thinner end of the pen. No blood comes out)
It’s all over… my name is Oedip. My souls will dry off and I will step over them, I will break them and bury them in someone else’s grave. None of them was mine, even though they all grew from inside me.
Ahhhh, “Forget”!! How did u manage to save yourself? How? All the other ones are dead, but I see you here with me. Ohhh, you’re warm. WHAT happened?
(attentive, she looks like she’s listening to something. After some time, amazed:)

I am just
another soul?
U gave me
I am just
another one of your souls?
And You,
Are Me?
And I
in your palm…?!?
But then
Who’s writing now?

(she stands up from the table, takes the fireless candle in her hand, makes some steps aside, turns and throws back the candle on the table. Noise)
Ha! I lied to you, candle! My name was NOT Oedip!!

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