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Poezii Romānesti - Romanian Poetry




 Please forgive this bold suggestion, but should you see your Makers face tonight, look him in the eye, look him in the eye! Lacargia

City of Residence: Bucuresti
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Voodoo Dollies and Dark Angels :
Personals 2008-01-20 (2844 hits)

When you have Insomnia :
Poetry 2006-06-23 (3890 hits)

The Naming : of the Tree
Poetry 2006-05-18 (3288 hits)

There is no spoon :
Poetry 2006-05-06 (3050 hits)

The Wastebasket :
Poetry 2006-02-27 (3078 hits)

Back To : exercise of anamnesis
Poetry 2005-06-17 (3694 hits)

Contort The World Upsidedown :
Personals 2005-05-31 (3330 hits)

Drawn To The Womb :
Poetry 2005-05-29 (3166 hits)

Of The Self : post mortem healing
Poetry 2005-01-28 (3852 hits)

For Free : the dead cost us nothing
Poetry 2005-01-08 (3731 hits)

Nonsense :
Poetry 2005-01-08 (3273 hits)

The beggar : the illusion like a fur coat
Personals 2005-01-08 (3947 hits)

Temptation's no-know :
Screenplay 2005-01-03 (9601 hits)

Atrophy :
Poetry 2005-01-01 (3130 hits)

The Undividable :
Personals 2004-12-31 (3321 hits)

Time's Death Kiss Text recommended by :
Poetry 2004-12-29 (3498 hits)

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Page: 1

to name is to own the object's representation


returning from whence you came only completes the circle ()

spiral out, keep going

whichever club!

came back with the star ()

android lust?


back to the soil

i doubt this being poetry

darn typos


go back to sky's venice

not missing the star...

adriana, thanks for passing by

ok back with the star ()

quite daring, despite some mistakes


joshua, thanks



knife after-christen-party

popping the poem-cherry

cheating Time

a small lack of concordance , other than that it's ok.

the just question

inlove and yet afraid?

nice flow of the "chant"

a few adjustments

amusing, rofl-ing even

well done

common sense

som suggestions regarding rhythm

burning coffee

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The Holy War: Mac vs. DOS
Prose by Umberto Eco

Essay by Tristan Tzara

Introduction to Songs of Innocence
Poetry by William Blake

Auguries of Innocents
Poetry by William Blake
Alternative version

Proclamation without Pretension
Poetry by Tristan Tzara

Biography Maria

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