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Edilberto González Trejos[Songo]

 Fiat Lux Songo

City of Residence: Panamá
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Biography Edilberto González Trejos

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Twilight of Race :
Poetry 2010-02-15 (6712 hits)

The Party Must Go On :
Poetry 2008-12-27 (6304 hits)

Poetry 2008-11-10 (8197 hits)

internatural : 2008 edition
Poetry 2008-09-16 (6345 hits)

Moon Song :
Poetry 2008-06-05 (7431 hits)

Fearsome :
Poetry 2008-06-05 (6884 hits)

Pocket Gods : Vs. Absolute Gods
Poetry 2008-02-02 (5079 hits)

Magnetism : (Urban)
Poetry 2008-01-15 (6033 hits)

Desolation :
Poetry 2008-01-15 (7136 hits)

Incidental music :
Poetry 2007-08-24 (6765 hits)

Phoenix :
Poetry 2007-06-16 (5530 hits)

Nirmanakaya :
Poetry 2007-06-11 (7071 hits)

The Invisible Menace :
Poetry 2006-11-28 (5599 hits)

Exhausted Horizon : - Overwhelmed Skyline -
Poetry 2006-11-28 (7522 hits)

Throb :
Poetry 2006-11-28 (4371 hits)

Houses of the Holy :
Poetry 2006-08-23 (5669 hits)

Final Journey :
Poetry 2006-08-04 (3681 hits)

Aeolus Strummer :
Poetry 2006-07-15 (4322 hits)

The 4 horsemen :
Poetry 2006-07-08 (4343 hits)

The Streams of Oblivion :
Poetry 2006-05-23 (5050 hits)

Deliverance :
Poetry 2006-04-29 (4346 hits)

A Landscape :
Poetry 2006-04-11 (2409 hits)

Signs :
Poetry 2006-04-11 (5453 hits)

In the Garden of Barú :
Poetry 2006-03-25 (6670 hits)

Apertus :
Poetry 2006-03-25 (3306 hits)

Telluric :
Poetry 2006-02-28 (4511 hits)

By the side of the road : Author: Alejandro Lopez
Poetry 2006-02-05 (4382 hits)

Met :
Poetry 2006-01-07 (6002 hits)

About Blake and Jerusalem :
Poetry 2005-12-08 (4246 hits)

Crime Scene :
Poetry 2005-11-30 (5592 hits)

Web, wind & grass :
Poetry 2005-11-27 (3510 hits)

The Acceptable Day :
Poetry 2005-11-27 (3951 hits)

Break out : Through
Poetry 2005-11-24 (4905 hits)

Weed :
Poetry 2005-10-25 (5601 hits)

No escape from myself :
Poetry 2005-10-13 (6645 hits)

You think you are alone (2) :
Poetry 2005-10-01 (5831 hits)

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A must ()

quite interesting ()


appeal of words ()

short & great

liberation and the end



Interesting images

esthetics! ()

thank you

magical image ()

individual and collective responsibility

Willy , Corina ::: lucidity & fear


word of the poet ()

being away, but I`m back ..

Caribbean connection

a delicate power

Mihai ()

through the smoke - Willy

forsaken fathers - Marius

Poetic Salutations ()

Willy - From Panama

Florin- true quest

witful, wise, funny

east in west

masterwork ()

neat! ()


thank you!

earth and poetry - Mike

answers and thanks

clear yet complex

internatural - Corina

senses and beyond

inner child

The vision and the words

Wisdom clothes

still somewhere, indeed

Bogdan ()

perfect ()

Take note Willy

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Biography Edilberto González Trejos

El autor nace en Santiago de Veraguas, República de Panamá, el 24 de diciembre de 1971. Actualmente reside en ciudad de Panamá.
Es escritor, traductor y abogado, miembro de la Directiva de la Asociación de Escritores Panamá.
Sus poemas han sido publicados en Antologías en inglés y español, así como en revistas de poesía latinoamericanas y norteamericanas.
Ha publicado un poemario, BALANCEO (2003).
Mi blog es
Born in Santiago de Veraguas, Republic of Panama, on December 24, 1971. He lives currently in Panama City.
Writer, translator and attorney-at-law, member of the Board of Directors of the Writers` Association of Panama.
His poemas have been published in several Anthologies both in English and Spanish, as well as in North American and Latin American Poetry Magazines.
The author has published one POetry Book, BALANCEO (2003).
Né à Santiago de Veraguas, Republique de Panama, Decembre 24, 1971. Éscrivain, traducteur et avocat, aussi membre de la Association d`Écrivains de Panama.

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