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Sydney Krivenko[corazón]

 sentire la vita corazón

City of Residence: Quin
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Dried Up :
Poetry 2010-09-25 (3333 hits)

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Hidden :
Poetry 2008-12-19 (4131 hits)

Full Moon Text recommended by :
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Messy :
Poetry 2008-11-24 (4498 hits)

Memories forever :
Poetry 2008-09-24 (4296 hits)

Eve :
Poetry 2008-09-24 (3881 hits)

Embroidery :
Poetry 2008-06-04 (4705 hits)

Wash out :
Poetry 2008-04-07 (4536 hits)

Paper hearts (2) :
Poetry 2008-04-07 (4357 hits)

Invisible :
Poetry 2008-04-06 (4686 hits)

Mother : letter from a soldier
Poetry 2008-03-10 (4667 hits)

Burning :
Poetry 2008-02-24 (4751 hits)

Paper heart :
Poetry 2008-02-07 (10766 hits)

Ties :
Poetry 2008-01-27 (4438 hits)

Detachment :
Poetry 2008-01-07 (4186 hits)

Winter night :
Poetry 2007-12-21 (4447 hits)

Peaceful :
Poetry 2007-12-12 (3632 hits)

Used :
Poetry 2007-12-10 (3711 hits)

Watching :
Poetry 2007-12-09 (3637 hits)

Recycled :
Poetry 2007-12-09 (3702 hits)

The ultimate friend :
Poetry 2007-12-02 (4682 hits)

Nightly dance :
Poetry 2007-12-02 (3713 hits)

Competition :
Poetry 2007-11-28 (4786 hits)

The broken heart : ( my philosophy of the "big Bang")
Poetry 2007-11-28 (3638 hits)

I want :
Poetry 2007-11-19 (3414 hits)

Poetry :
Personals 2007-11-11 (3671 hits)

The music of silence :
Poetry 2007-11-11 (3405 hits)

Places :
Poetry 2007-11-07 (3550 hits)

Secrets :
Poetry 2007-10-31 (3415 hits)

Jealousy :
Poetry 2007-10-25 (4649 hits)

Eternal Play :
Poetry 2007-10-22 (3352 hits)

The Poem :
Poetry 2007-10-22 (3564 hits)

Pearlfisher :
Poetry 2007-10-18 (4202 hits)

Faces :
Poetry 2007-10-14 (3510 hits)

The beauty of ugliness :
Poetry 2007-10-01 (7251 hits)

Witch hunt :
Poetry 2007-09-23 (4423 hits)

Autumn :
Poetry 2007-09-23 (4025 hits)

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Very difficult to understand g

Thanks, again!

You are getting to know me well, thanks!

Very beautiful, mind you, for me as a desert lover, this landscape gives birth t

Thank you, very much for your beautiful words, Marius!

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!

Yes, it was a mistake, thanks so much!

Maybe one day ou will explain_?


Thanks and it´s good to be back!

Well said and very romantic..., may I ask some questions?

I bow to you all!

sad truth... but well said, cheers from Sydney ()

One star at least in my opinion! ()

Cheers and thanks! Someone has heard us, and they have worked, slowly but rightl

true... what does she teach us?

Thank you Marius! This reminds me of a film...

Interesting, but sad!

very illustrative, Willy! Cheers from Sydney

Thanks, you were right, Willy, it is a church!

I like it, Felix!

Thanks to all!

Thanks, Willy! The fir is something I will plant in my own garden, when we are b

Well done, anyway, and an interesting topic!

Intriguing, Willy!

Thanks, Willy, yet...

Well done!

thanks, Willy, same to you!

Thank you, Gracias! I wrote this for a dear friend,

Well done, Willy!

Thank you, I return the favour!

Well done, Willy!

Very sad, sensitiv words.

Right you are, Willy!

Sorry for you if you have lived a stranger's life...

Thanks, Edilberto!

No, a squirrel, Willy,


No problem,

Thank you both...

Well done! Welcome!

Thank You!

Spelling mistakes!

what are you trying to say???

I must say, when I am really angry, I use foul language and swear, but I would n

Well done, Willy and Dan, I agree with you both! Sydney

Just a thought as I was feeding the neighbour's donkey, my latest attachment...

Well, for once, I thought about something positive... thanks, and good luck to y

Just a suggestion...

You make me proud!

Thank you, Willy, I am honoured!

Well done, we live through all the "Christian Punishments and Bliss" here on e

Anyway, very well written and sometimes I welcomed Mondays after a lonely weeken

Very good, but not poetry, it is prosa! Good luck! Sydney

Congrats! Sydney

Good writing, thanksfor sharing!

Thanks Willy, nice to hear from you again!

beautifully said!

Thank you!

More changes, please, but it sounds much better already! Syd

I like it.... maybe some changes...?

Thank you, I think children have much more compassion than we give them credit f

Apart from the spelling and grammatical mistakes I do miss the true sense of you

Thank you all!

Thanks for liking my artwork... I like yours, too. syd

Thank you, Raj, we all ask this sometime, I guess... Good that we cannot look in

muchas Gracias, me gustan tus poemas tambien. Has hecho bien! Sydney

Thanks for the nice comment! where do you want to see a pic? Sydney

Please comment on this and the one before... sometimes one cannot be impersonal

I don't know, remains to be seen...

I like the first version and Luminita´s suggestions, too... short and precise wa

this reminds me of a holiday in Greece spent visiting monastries on high mountai

this poem reveals a tender soul, maybe a little too much rhyming here... good l

I like it, it is true, very true... in so many ways... Sydney

a very interesting riddle... inspired in Spain? Sydney

Mayas are just an example of many old nations, what are the Manilan stories? Wel

makes, in love...

Milles mercis; Sydney

Merci, Nicole, j'apprecie beaucoup ton conseil;

short and sharp, short and very deep, that´s your style, I like it. Sydney

So, let's hear it then! Sydney

Thank you, John, I take it this is a compliment! A secret... I cannot sing to sa

Please elaborate on your comment and tell me what accents etc. I have missed. Th

Very emotionate, I can feel and see this city you're describing! Wow, ! Sydney

Wow, overwhelmingly true! I can feel this city reading your words!

Till later, send me your email address, pls! Thanks a lot, I know, you will do t

So, I hope to change your mind, I can post some more, even simpler lyrics here t

Good sharp words and few of them straight to the point! I like it although this

So, I will continue to write and I am learning a lot here. Thank you for showing

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Biography Sydney Krivenko

Ich bin Deutsche und lebe mit meinem Mann in Irland. Sprachen sind mein Leben und ich unterrichte und übersetze Deutsch und Englisch. Schon seit meiner Kindheit habe ich Gedichte und Geschichten geschrieben, die irische Natur und ihre unglaublich farbreichen Himmel sind meine ständige Inspiration, unter anderem. Ich schreibe, um meine Gefühle auszudrücken und mich so immer wieder neu selbst zu entdecken. Ich liebe es zu reisen und Menschen kennenzulernen.
Ich bin sehr froh, hier meine Erfahrungen niederschreiben zu können, danke!
new email: [email protected]

Soy alemana y vivo en Irlanda con mi marido. Hablo español bastante bien y me gusta viajar, encontrar la gente y practicar las lenguas que conozco. Adoro la poesía y escribo para exprimir mis sentimientos. De esta manera descubro el mundo y yo misma de nuevo cada día. Sin amor no hace libertad, sin libertad no hace amor. ¡Gracias por leer mis textos y por corregirme!
nuovo email: [email protected]

Sono tedesca e vivo in Irlanda con mio marito. Faccio insegnante di tedesco e d’inglese e traduco testi in queste due lingue. Mi piace imparare italiano e fare pratica di quello che ho già imparato. Adoro la poesia, le belle arti e viaggiare. Scrivo per esprimere i miei sentimenti. In questo modo posso scoprire il mondo e mi stessa de nuovo ogni giorno.Senza amore non c'è libertà, senza libertà non c'è amore.
Grazie mille per leggere i miei testi e per correggermi!
nuovo emaail: [email protected]

I am German, a housewife, translater and language teacher and live in the Irish countryside. I speak 4 languages,and my mothertongue is German.I love to travel, meet people, I write songlyrics and poetry, maybe a book one day. I have been writing all my life, I need to express my feelings, my experiences, I discover life and myself new every day. Nature is my friend and gives me a lot of inspiration, like these incredible Irish skies.... Without love there is no life, without freedom there is no love. new email:[email protected]

Je suis Allemande et vis en Irlande avec mon mari et quatre chiens, je parle quatre langues et j'aime ecrire ce que je sens. J'ai vecue en beaucoup de pays et j'essais d'exprimer mes expériences: les gents que j'ai rencontrés m'ont appris des choses inestimables! Pour moi la poésie et l'expression de l'âme: sans amour il n'y a pas de liberté,
sans liberté il n'y a pas d'amour...
Merci beaucoup pour lire mes poèmes. Nouveau email:
[email protected]

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