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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry



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​DEFIANT HOPELESSNESS: The Dark Side of Asperger's Autism Reflected in My Poetry - Vol1 -2nd, Revised, Updated & Upgraded Edition
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by [romulus_campan ]

2023-05-17  |     | 

I encounter each and every poem ushered into my heart by voices of unseen muses, nurturing them, raising them, and accompanying them onto pages of old-fashioned paper, by old fashion, black, and royal-blue ink fountain pens.
I do not know what my life, my cognitive and creative patterns would have been, if at all, without having Asperger’s Syndrome, or the other Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, and God knows what else.
Yes, these may have “gifted” me with a an extremely analytical mind; crippled nevertheless to being unable to use a map, to engage in a non-topical-interest conversation, to recognize and differentiate by association, larger-size coins with their lower value, or memorise more than two words when trying to copy a text.
How fond could one be about college memories of mathematics lecturers, calling me “a stupid idiot” in front of the entire class, because of my inability to “see (?!?)” the algebra behind trigonometry and geometry.
Yet the same, said "stupid idiot" intellect, has discovered at around 12 years of age, that I am much more easily capable of writing a metric and rhyme poem about a given theme, instead of the expected narrative.
An intricate, peculiar choreography of thoughts, a ballet of words, on a canvas painted by musical touches and an introvert pessimism.
This 2nd, Revised, Updated & Upgraded Edition of “Defiant Hopelessness - The Dark Side of Asperger's Autism Reflected in My Poetry - Vol 1”, is the complex result of many months of deep reflections about the miracle of having been able to publish after over four decades of dwindling hopes, my first volume of poems.
This humble beginning of a lifetime of literary dreams, was born as I have mentioned in the 1st Edition, and correctly seen by generous reviewers, from depths of pain and suffering, as an irreversible emerging of what for others may be insignificantly small flickers of light, however for me, on my canvas of darkness, these have become star-lights of hope, and a raison d’être together with my family, at the foundation of what I hope to remain a legacy of genuine, classical value poetry and literature, for a posterity planted already in the lives of my children.6464af527fe89.jpg
ברוך השם

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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