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article [ Society ]
Translated into English by María Eugenia Caseiro

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by [Mariu ]

2006-01-05  |     | 


Poets of the World, the instant has arrived in which we should unite the forces to defend the continuity of the life: We are the Warriors of the Peace and the Messengers of a new phase in the Humanity. We are the Poets of the Light, and the Light is the vehicle that conducts us to the assembly that by no motive should stop attending. We live at present the process of death of a degenerate phase and the birth of a NEW ERA in which the poet has a determinant role to play.
The humanity lives decisive times for his on-experience: it continues its direction toward the precipice that conducts it to the extinction, or he changes of rudder setting path toward the collective beating that long subsistence assures it.
Since the most remote times the man can recall, the human existence has been confronted to coexist with the environmental media, the ones that assured it, and they continue assuring, the possibility of living. But at the same time and paradoxically, the man in his eagerness to be more, to grow and to grow, has gone deteriorating the planet to carrying it to limits that endanger the possibility of continuing existing like species. If the man does not change of course, ¡AND DO IT NOW! future generations will have solids reasons to hate us.
On the other hand, in this same context to wanted to be always MORE, not only the prime material of the planet are used to grow and to subsist, but also the human media, dragging us to the merciless and criminal competence among the men to such extent, that today we are killing us among ourselves for exist, for grow or simply for say: I AM, this or this another, but ¡I AM! or I am more than You… as well as we deteriorate the planet constantly with the abusive use of the human and natural resources, thus weapons of destruction to great scale are built, capable to destroy all the humanity in few hours, and the supremacy of the power concentrates always in the same hands, in which today we know as Empire [s].
But not all is negative, because the moral chaos, the ethical chaos, the political chaos [infamous wars], the economic chaos [absurd things] are not but demonstrations of the LABOR OF THE HISTORY as when a woman gives birth a new born; dies a phase and arises another of its breast.

1. - Set against this eagerness of absolute control that would be able us to carry inevitably to the self-destruction and before so much barbarity. And in light of the new times that are announced, The Poets of the World we undertake the road of the protest, on the one hand, and of the construction of a new one to wake up, by another, that conducts to the final liberation of the man.

2. - The Poets of the World, not all, only the Poets of the World, because not all the poets of the world we are willing to say: I am not, we ARE. The ones that are willing to abandon the EGO that is killing ourselves and we are capable of looking at in EQUALITY, we initiate the collective cavalcade through the world and we put the art of the poetry in favor of the humanity.

3.- To Be a poet does not signify only to write beautiful poetry, but to LIVE IT, and to live it does not signify only to feel it, but to practice it, and to practice poetry is an every day principle, while we have a head to think and a heart to feel.

4.- To Be A Poet of the World is something more difficult still, to be a Poet of the World is to assume this manifesto in its essential part; is to assume the defense of life, of love, of diversity, of liberty and to be capable of saying: I give my life by the LIFE, although I love my life. Therefore it is that we say ENOUGH of stupidities, ENOUGH of EGOS that they do not contribute to the society, neither personal growth, and we put the art of the poetry to the service of the human existence.

5.- To Be A Poet of the World is to be a warrior, or an army jacket, that rides for the plains of the human existence, like he did him since the night of the times, in search of the perfection and of the lawful growth of the life, while living with the clothing and the conditions have to do it. That it is why we will not be passive before the crimes being committed day by day in name of the liberty, we will raise our voice as a ray of light and we will cause the tremble of cowardly, because the word will be become a better weapon than the murderer have known throughout the history.

6. - We recognize the valuable contribution of the poets of the world to the growth of the humanity through the centuries. Those that left their name stamped in the centennial books of the universal history and in the collective memory of the men, and also we recognize the contribution of the anonymous poets that passed by the land complying with legendary missions through the times. We believe in the value that signified those majestic contributions for their times, even for today, but we are on the threshold of a new phase for the humanity, and besides, the Poets of the World of the 21st century do not want to entangle with the past because we prefer to look at the present and at the future. The Poets of the World of this century are called to be creative toward imagination to find the answers and explanations that TODAY, the humanity demands screaming before the evident misfortune we are living.

7.- The Poets of the World declare us all equals: the consecrated and the less well-known; the famous and the anonymous; the rich and the poor; the white and the black; the racially mixed and the yellow, whenever are all they be situated to this side of the life; seizing the same swords to fight against what kills the life, fighting toe to toe behind the same barricade to defend the JUSTICE [unique All], the EQUALITY [effective among all the inhabitants of the world], the LIBERTY [the true one, not the artificial one] and the RIGHT from people to exist and to live in peace.

8.- The Poets of the World will declare any space where they have to be or to live, as the own sand to fight evil, whether in the large palaces of the power or in the wretched cavern of the metropolis; in the lawn where the man labors the land, or in the deep of a mine where the blood of the miner is spitted out, but the poet will not stop visiting the neighborhoods carrying the word as rain that falls on the land, as an spectacle of grace, as a display of flowers for the eyes of the humanity. The poet will be the light that guide al warlike as a dune in the darkness at night.

9. - The Poets of the World declare us pacifists, but not cowardly or passive; antimilitaristic, but no ingenuous. Sentimentally, of course, because of the artistic expression, so the ink of the writing is the blood of our souls. We live trapped by the drunkenness of the artistic charm, to the painful vertigo of the creation. But this creation will have always a specific objective: the objective to PERFECTING THE LIFE, ours [the individual one], that of all of us [in joint]. We are pacifists in search of the universal peace, but THE PEACE does not come by itself, so we must gain it, fighting for it. We are Warriors, but warriors of the Peace. And there will have no PEACE if there is not JUSTICE. The PEACE only will be when the justice reign first, because it only can be as a consequence and fruit of the justice. But if not, it will be what is now in the reign of the Empires: PEACE OF CEMETERY.

10. - To be a Poet of the World one must be always willing to be perfected, to grow in the diversity and to accept the plurality as we accept the complexity of the existence. In the battalion of the Poets of the World there will be space always to fight, be believers or not, atheistic or religious, just or wrong, but to this side of the LIFE; heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual, but lovers of the noble LOVE; warriors of long ago or modern combatants, but always militants of good. The great human chain that connect the world, link to link, will be conformed by poets distributors of hopes and smiles in this hard fight since the beginning of the times.

11.- The man will put his faults in a third person, then our challenge is that each one assume himself in essence, under his own spirit, without having to respond to that third to silence his errors and routs. Our hope is to raise us through the word, to light the verb in the hearts of each one, the verse of the mountains, the stealthy night of the soul, the careful wrapping of the womb of the nature, to be seer in the morning, so that, each one raises his or her soul with love toward words. Poetry belongs to the world, and we are due to it.

Poet of the World,
Join with this battle for the human existence!
Become such necessary link to continue arising LIFE!

Luis Arias Manzo [General Secretary]
Santiago de Chile, December 2005
Translated into English: María Eugenia Caseiro (Mariú)

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Adelaida Fontanini
Alberto da Cunha
Alberto Guzman
Alejandra González
Alejandra Barbery
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Campos
Alejandro Faus Avella
Alfredo Lavergne
Alfredo Villanueva
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Delasnieve Daspet
Diana Espinal
Don Antonio Maragno
El Señor K
Elda Alonso
Eliana Arteaga
Elias Letelier
Emilse Zorzut
Emma Rueda
Enrique Brieba
Enrique Caballero
Enrique Winter
Ernesto Kahan
Fanny Campos
Feliciano Mejía
Fernando Rodriguez
Flávio Machado
Francisca Araya
Francisca Cota
Francisco Alarcón
Francisco Azuela
Gaby Arce
Genaro Albaíno
Gerardo Delgado
Gerardo Acosta
Gito Minore
Gladys González
Gloria Real
Gloria Dávila Espinoza
Gloria Mendoza
Graciela Wencelblat
Guarací Pachú
Guillermo Raviña
Hebert Abimorad
Héctor Corredor
Hernán Morán
Hernando Ardila
Hilda Interiano de Payés
Hilda Balbín
Irem Toal
Isabel Miralles
Ivan Segarra
Jailson Santos
Jaro Godoy
Javier Claure
Javier Cabrera
Javier Villegas
Jean Seagars
Jeanette Clariond
Jenny Wasiuk
JM Sena
Jo Tauil
Joao Parreira
João Sevivas
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Etcheverry
Jorge Humberto
José Solá
José Remelhe
José Retamal
José Orihuela
José Ramos
José Eliseo Valverde
José Miguel Torres
Josefina Calles
Joselito Fernandez
Josep Rico
Juan Garrido
Juan Pérez
Juan Pomponio
Julia [Yuly] Ortíz Morales
Julio Alves
Julio Acosta
Karina Macció
Konzuelo Villalobos
Lady López
Lautaro Ramos
Leo Lobos
Leonardo Ibañez
Leonor Bonilla
Ligia Borges
Lilí Muñoz
Lina Zerón
Livia Díaz
Lucia Serrano
Luis Perez
Luis Armenta
Luis Caraballo
Luis García
Luis Kren
Luis Ariasmanzo
Luisa Ribeiro
Malu del Lujan
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Manuel Quiroga
Manuel Silva
Marcelo Mallea
Marcelo Romano
Marcelo Arce
Marcia Motta
Marco Cardoso
Marco Massoni
Margarito Cuéllar
María Panda
María Pliego
María Caseiro
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María da Glória Febra
María de la Cruz Baya
María Elena Solorzano
María Eugenia Caseiro (Mariú)
Mario Nandayapa
Mario Markus
Marlo Brito
Marlon Schirrmann
Marta Alvarado
Marta Pimentel
Martín Etchelar
Mauro Gonzalez
Max Pons
Mercedes Bolivar
Miguel Angel de Boer
Milka Lay
Natalia Saez
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Norma Nava
Olga Lonardi
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Orlando Valdez
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Oscar Sauri
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Osvaldo Palladino
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Patricia Cabezas
Patricio Sánchez
Patricio Vidal Toro
Paulo Monti
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Paulo de Carvalho
Paz Molina
Pepe Sánchez
Pierre Clavilier
Raúl Hernández
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Regina Sant'Anna
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Ricardo Gómez
Ricardo Díaz
Ricardo Iribarren (Gocho)
Roberto Bianchi
Rodrigo Balam
Rodrigo Landaeta
Rolando Mancilla
Rosario Concha
Rosse Marie Caballero
Roxana Delgado
Rui Pais
Santiago Azar
Sergio Atilano González
Silva Catalán
Silvia Favaretto
Silvia Vidalón
Silvia [Silsh] Spinazzola
Solange Firmino
Sonia Silva
Sonia da Silva
Sonia Flint
Sonia Otero
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Susana Roberts
Tatomir Ion-Marius
Taty Hernández
Teresa Puglia
Teresa Tudela
Todd Temkin
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Vicente Espinales
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Waldyr Argento Jr.
Walter Villanueva
Wilfredo Carrizales
Yoe Santos
Yuri Pérez

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