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A night with Sherlock Holmes
article [ Events ]
Romanian Cultural Event in London

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by [Trinity ]

2008-11-14  |     | 

Just when I thought that following Madonna and Guy Ritchie's quick divorce as well as the Child Protection crisis in Haringey nothing else could lift an eyebrow in London news, there it was: 'Book exchange, 3rd edition’ organised by Diana Varbanescu in Sherlock Holmes' Pub as part of ‘Book exchange’ programme, a monthly independent project in London coordinated by
Created by the Scottish-born writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes never seized to amaze his fans over the years with his renowned skills of deductive reasoning while solving difficult cases.

The London based detective relied on his good friend and companion Dr. Watson to complete his marvellous work in pursuing the truth.
Fascinated by Holmes, various scientists have attempted to measure his IQ (Radford, 1999), associate his methods with the ones used in neurology (Kepston, 2006), and ultimately his knowledge has been used as a model of fictional expertise in the literature review written by psychologists Didierjean and Gobet (2008).

The event will be held on November 16th, 2008 starting from 17:00 and promises an interesting evening , in the above mentioned pub, where surrounded by artefacts and books the audience would be allowed to take a trip back in time in search for Sherlock Holmes.
The gathering has an interactive approach by encouraging all its participants to not only discuss the books but to also identify the artefacts in the study and link them to the various stories which thrilled all those Sherlock Holmes’ fans time and time again.

Initially hosted by Madame Tussauds Museum, Sherlock Holmes bust will be ‘chairing’ the event while his study will be explored by thirsty-for-mystery Romanians living in UK. You will also be allowed to stare at the head of the Hound of Baskerville mounted on the wall, but not for long, not if you love your restful sleep.

Without a shadow of a doubt this night out should be a great event for any Sherlock Holmes lover, providing you don't mind having lots of cups of tea and a pint of the famous
Sherlock Holmes Pub’s ale.

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