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`GOD` = Chaos divided by the absolute value of its own infinite singularity
article [ Culture ]

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by [Ceven Knowles ]

2003-12-18  |     | 

True individualism works in “the system’s” current. In reality there are no rules. Anarchy is absolute because it is the human race that chooses the rules it follows. Those who do not agree with the popular vote on the rules therefore in rebellion create their own system. In reality, everybody has cheated the system in some way or another, possibly even in ignorance because that is part of the system. By disagreeing, a person is cheating because it generates the inertia necessary to define “the system”.

It is in the heart of any explorer to question every rule. Life teaches the ignorant by showing what ignorance is and is capable of. The same can be said for intolerance. Wisdom is paying enough attention to know that everyone is ignorant and somehow intolerant. God is hard to the lazy and unimaginative. Wisdom comes from enjoying creation intelligently.

Because of natural dissent, no one person is any more different for thinking of a way to get away with something than anyone else. In example, there is no such thing as “underground” unless it is in retrospect and never suspected in the first place. To feel animosity for people who wear a type of clothing or like a type of music is the equal of the other’s desire to wear or listen to the object despised. From the same viewpoint, screaming “underground” from the hilltops is product placement for a polar type of pop star. It is essentially the same, as with believers of a system and its dissidents, all equal “the system” in their polarity. Individualism isn’t about packaging. It is about using one’s own mechanism successfully.

It is important to ask if something is a “smart” idea. Being smart is not about knowledge. Knowledge is a different entity. Knowledge means statistics and arguing boring old facts. Being smart is about the ability to use the available knowledge to generate a constructive value to one’s own survival.

Revolution manifests when all arguments become mundane and all opinions become flattened. Then the system folds in on itself and a new one emerges. It begins from a finite whole and chain reacts into millions then multiplies exponentially into the infinite singularity Prophecies of a messiah are metaphors for the search of the finite whole. We have knowledge and are still looking for the answer that makes it all worth the effort. Society nurtures itself to defend and compete against its fellow man. Society never uses love to make a point and that is why it is the message of mythical proportions. We would rather crucify and eradicate the message of unconditional love with reinforcements of fear and separation. That’s not very bright.

There is no room for fear in the path of Wisdom. Fear is the deadliest sin. Why would anyone need to do anything that causes violence if they have no fear? The fearless have nothing to defend against because they understand the trasitionalism of life. It is chaos = love.

All math, science and religion are the same metaphor and people should own up to it. It is neither difficult nor complex but the same damned metaphor. How nice it would be if we owned up to it and used our tools to evolve further.

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