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Lory Cristea[Lory]

 daimonul mi-a ╚Öoptit ,,scrie tot ce vezi!'... eu scriam ce mi-am dorit Lory

City of Residence: Reykjavik
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I love a young man :
Poetry 2008-05-21 (2999 hits)

Adam, your eyes await the apple :
Poetry 2008-05-21 (1750 hits)

man and woman making love :
Poetry 2007-04-29 (4056 hits)

One concert for man and woman :
Poetry 2007-04-18 (2136 hits)

When you weep , woman! : the salt of your cry is healing the Heaven`s asthma
Poetry 2006-01-07 (1642 hits)

Violet velvet song :
Poetry 2006-01-06 (2594 hits)

My wild children :
Poetry 2005-10-09 (1943 hits)

You called me by name :
Poetry 2005-10-09 (1829 hits)

I am a left-handed painter :
Poetry 2005-10-09 (1807 hits)

Madman :
Poetry 2005-07-31 (2436 hits)

My shadow in form of cross :
Poetry 2005-07-31 (2003 hits)

A flood :
Poetry 2005-07-07 (1860 hits)

Stone :
Poetry 2005-05-15 (1911 hits)

Sand :
Poetry 2005-05-15 (2421 hits)

Too young :
Poetry 2005-05-15 (1986 hits)

Red pearls :
Poetry 2005-04-23 (2500 hits)

April hope :
Poetry 2005-04-18 (2812 hits)

Not us :
Poetry 2005-04-17 (1996 hits)

The spring is here : love in all proud fleshes
Poetry 2005-02-23 (2055 hits)

My clothes : always home
Poetry 2005-02-23 (5283 hits)

Remind me :
Poetry 2005-02-15 (2051 hits)

Desire : I am a strange wizard in a kid`s soul
Poetry 2005-02-11 (2320 hits)

You are : love wasn`t soposed to be a fight
Poetry 2005-01-31 (2081 hits)

Just us :
Poetry 2005-01-24 (1995 hits)

Lady in Black : the Death is a beautiful woman .....
Poetry 2005-01-04 (3608 hits)

The children of this world :
Poetry 2004-12-08 (2697 hits)

The other women :
Poetry 2004-12-08 (1921 hits)

Mister : dedicated to Mr Paulo Coelho
Poetry 2004-11-26 (2287 hits)

My name is WOMAN :
Poetry 2004-11-26 (2417 hits)

Good bye ! :
Poetry 2004-10-21 (2089 hits)

The sweet pain :
Poetry 2004-10-21 (2353 hits)

My turn :
Poetry 2004-10-19 (1981 hits)

A dream...or not? :
Poetry 2004-10-19 (1658 hits)

Love seasons :
Poetry 2004-10-13 (1929 hits)

Page: 1

Page: 1

thank you! after long time


fly ... up to the sky


Corina :)


to be or not to be...dead :)



to my friends

angel face


it`s a promise


awsome poem

very beautiful poem

we need love


fire is warm , but dangerous too :)

i like the way u are




a deep thrill

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Biography Lory Cristea

un produs al scolii romanesti de tampiti
Licentiat in:
Stiinte Politice
Studii Culturale Europene

autor a patru volume de versuri
cuprins in douasprezece antologii de poezie intre 2005 / 2009

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