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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry



andreea l.[amnesiac]

 "je est un autre" amnesiac

City of Residence: târgovişte
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belle de l'ombre :
Poetry 2007-06-16 (1589 hits)

exodus :
Poetry 2007-05-24 (2342 hits)

"jeux de massacre" :
Poetry 2007-05-08 (2854 hits)

20s :
Poetry 2007-04-28 (2838 hits)

passenger K. :
Poetry 2006-08-29 (2326 hits)

cigarette burn :
Poetry 2006-07-23 (2873 hits)

cracked fish eyes :
Poetry 2006-07-14 (2011 hits)

Wednesday :
Poetry 2006-07-05 (2139 hits)

wombsickness :
Poetry 2006-06-26 (1949 hits)

dream surgery : novocaine
Poetry 2006-05-20 (1896 hits)

Literary Criticism :
Poetry 2006-04-11 (3210 hits)

assassin :
Poetry 2006-04-10 (3144 hits)

the Outside uterus :
Poetry 2006-04-05 (1629 hits)

Sisyphus :
Poetry 2006-04-03 (1885 hits)

natural science :
Poetry 2006-04-02 (2389 hits)

lullaby :
Poetry 2006-03-31 (2561 hits)

Christ in the gloaming :
Poetry 2005-11-22 (2255 hits)

dead . slow : wide . open
Poetry 2005-11-17 (2009 hits)

hobo :
Poetry 2005-11-04 (3002 hits)

fodder for the madman : to cough up the moon
Poetry 2005-10-17 (2255 hits)

I will remain unintended :
Poetry 2005-09-11 (1834 hits)

splinters :
Poetry 2005-09-09 (1826 hits)

day of the dead :
Poetry 2005-08-30 (1999 hits)

the numb nirvana requiem : to dan, with thanks for my non-imaginative imaginary imagery
Poetry 2005-08-04 (2277 hits)

great old Winston C. :
Poetry 2005-07-22 (2106 hits)

scarecrow of suburbia :
Poetry 2005-07-15 (2348 hits)

Morpheus :
Poetry 2005-06-20 (2239 hits)

morphine :
Poetry 2005-06-15 (1765 hits)

orange taste :
Poetry 2005-06-09 (2051 hits)

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no biography

Krapp's Last Tape by monsieur Beckett, the one and only

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Krapp's Last Tape
Screenplay by Samuel Beckett

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Poetry by Samuel Beckett

The Great Lament of my Obscurity Three
Poetry by Tristan Tzara

Vegetable Swallow
Poetry by Tristan Tzara

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Cinema Calendar of the Abstract Heart - 09
Poetry by Tristan Tzara

Poetry by Samuel Beckett

Poetry by Samuel Beckett

Waiting for Godot
Screenplay by Samuel Beckett

Prose by Jean Paul Sartre


Vincent (Starry, starry night)
Poetry by Don McLean

Englishman in New York
Poetry by Sting

Fields of Gold
Poetry by Sting

Desert Rose
Poetry by Sting

Journals 1911 (part 2)
Personals by Franz Kafka

The Metamorphosis
Prose by Franz Kafka

Speed of Sound
Poetry by Coldplay

Journals 1911 (part 1)
Personals by Franz Kafka

Journals 1910
Personals by Franz Kafka

A perfect Day For Bananafish
Prose by Jerome David Salinger

A Chronology of Franz Kafka's Life
Personals by Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka's Letter to His Father
Prose by Franz Kafka

Space Oddity
Poetry by David Bowie

All the Madmen
Poetry by David Bowie

Streets of Philadelphia
Poetry by Bruce Springsteen

Biography andreea l.

"Other fellow did it: other me. Hat, tie, overcoat, nose. Lui, c'est moi. You seem to have enjoyed yourself."

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