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Christopher Thripp[chris thripp]

  chris thripp

City of Residence: Flinton Pa
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silhouette : heather
Poetry 2010-02-06 (5388 hits)

belief in ones self : quicksand
Poetry 2009-10-25 (4170 hits)

delilah... : strength
Poetry 2009-03-31 (3246 hits)

let it be done... : inevitable
Poetry 2009-03-19 (3920 hits)

everlasting sphere : life
Poetry 2009-03-09 (4377 hits)

under her spell. : trapped
Poetry 2009-02-06 (4360 hits)

belief. : betroved
Poetry 2009-02-05 (4524 hits)

explore and define. : searching
Poetry 2009-01-17 (4750 hits)

wednesday is over. :
Poetry 2009-01-16 (5603 hits)

near me. : rhythm
Poetry 2008-12-18 (4815 hits)

train station : ending
Poetry 2008-12-10 (5970 hits)

peace : release
Poetry 2008-11-26 (3892 hits)

winter love. : warming trend/the thaw continues.
Poetry 2008-11-22 (6076 hits)

"old and new" : rituals
Poetry 2008-11-18 (3273 hits)

sunday mornings. : knowlege
Poetry 2008-11-14 (4154 hits)

shadows : time.
Poetry 2008-11-06 (5025 hits)

misguided thoughts : think again
Poetry 2008-10-31 (4794 hits)

breaking the circle. : same ol same ol...
Poetry 2008-10-18 (3999 hits)

pewter dreams. : sadness within.
Poetry 2008-10-17 (4638 hits)

"time" : thinking
Poetry 2008-10-15 (4167 hits)

growth. : wake up.
Poetry 2008-10-03 (4817 hits)

two minds. : illusions
Poetry 2008-10-01 (5055 hits)

wallace and grommit : eaten by life.
Poetry 2008-08-08 (3754 hits)

"fear not" : wanting this.
Poetry 2008-08-07 (4354 hits)

"real love" :
Poetry 2008-08-06 (3636 hits)

"goodbye" : brain freeze
Poetry 2008-08-05 (4120 hits)

traces of me : nancies words
Poetry 2008-07-24 (3962 hits)

"feel this one" : inspired
Poetry 2008-07-22 (5044 hits)

"digging up my demons" : motivation
Poetry 2008-07-21 (3399 hits)

"layers of love" : past tense.
Poetry 2008-07-15 (4040 hits)

"entwined souls" : a wish
Poetry 2008-07-14 (4266 hits)

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thank you marius

thank you for asking marius.

thank you my freind

cheers marius

good point.

with you willy...

over too you ...

cheers marius

cheers willy

cheers willy

great words laura.

cheers sydney.

cheers marius.

thank you ...

enjoyed the thought that went into this haiku.

your comments are always appreciated marius.


cheers chris

greatuse of words.

excellent marius.

cheers marius

thanks monica.

enjoyed the thought on this brought back many bad memories...that's "irony"

cheers my freinds.

your sentiments are very good...don,t give up.

I hope that helps you.

thank you ...

words of time .

thanks again marius

thank you marius

thank you marius.


great job sorin...

great job of she and her...

great work.

dan i hope this helps you .

cheers my freind.

thank you so much dan for your kind words of encouragement


great haiku marius.

write on brother!!

inspired by hate...underneath the love surfaces.

thank you for asking marius

thank you so much...

lovely haiku.


thank you so much...

thank you .

good poem daniela.

thank you.

enjoyed this very much...


enjoyed this thanks.

great job.

enjoyed this.


great job monica.

multumesc "daniela"

i am a typical brit i drink tea .

thank you... monica/ marius/ and sorin .


great job.

great words dana.

thank you dani

glad you enjoyed it.

cheers songo.

cheers my freind.

OffTOPIC get them beers out.

good work.

cheers songo.

red star.....thank you ...

deep stuff daniela...


nice poem

good .

wrote from your heart ...

words of loyalty and commitment...

are you sure we are not brothers?

cheers my freind.

great job.

wonderful writing.

exactly marius...

very appreciated .

but not too loud she might hear!!

thanks marius ...i laugh some more.

great job.

thanks marius for understanding my work.

thank you marius

let your fingers do the talking.

give me the green.

very deep...

multumesc "daniela"

multumesc "daniela"

great job...

thank you marius

thank you marius

thank you

thank you

good job.


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Biography Christopher Thripp

born in England 1963.
moved to USA 2001.

"poets can survive everything but a misprint"

I have been writing poetry for 30 years.I always discarded my work using poetry for therapy only a way of getting things off my chest.I was persuaded by my friends to air my work for public viewing.They are all delusional and thought i had great talent.Well here i am out in the open no more "in my room".I hope you enjoy my work i feel very privileged to be in the same arena as you.

Above all folks...
I just love to write.

"experience life
and you will always
be fulfilled"...
"even if your alone"

I cross the boundaries
of three cultures never
quite knowing if my
conduct is correct.
Collective experiences
of thoughts and lives
expand my mind.
Although i feel English
i act American i also have
Romania in my heart.
Similar aspects of life
in Europe but progression
vastly different.
The modern era in America
is learning the changes at
The young country at times stalls
and starts like a bad car
The experience from my
home country should filter
to this land.
The arrogance of a newbie
Is evident in her actions
in this new world.
I love living here
but my roots will
always belong to England.

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