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Review of Eleni I.Grivas' Book of Poems "Picture of life"
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by [kksrivastava ]

2011-10-07  |     | 

I have a fad for serious poetry, for through serious stream of words one gets to know the interwoven threads of poetry and philosophy. Sometimes moments of tranquil need be visited upon with a view to take a lighter view of various aspects of life. On receiving from Greek poetess Zacharoula Gaitanaki a book of poems titled Pictures of Life written by Eleni I. Grivas, sister of famous Greek poet Stathis Grivas, Eleni being a member of the “International Society of Greek Writers” and of the “World Poets Society”, I was tempted to go through these pearls that encapsulate the elements forming the warp and the woof that makes life worth living.

To a discerning reader, these poems—lyrical, musical and thought-provoking will seem to be repositories of ancient wisdom-throwing light on what ail humanity and human beings. The relationship between pain and poverty is amplified in a few words in two small poems given below:

“You see that I have a laugh
and you say that I haven’t a pain.
I feel pain in my heart
But I do not reveal it”

The Pain

“Poverty, distress
tyrannize the people,
love gets lost
and never returns back.”


“Mother, an unique word
that I kept in my soul.
This is the first word
I told in my life.”

The Mother

“Fortune played it good
and it was smiling on me
but when the time was coming
it was giving me grief.”


“When we ‘ll make a journey
and we’ ll pass away,
there we ‘ll meet
all that we love.”


The three poems titled The Mother, Fortune and Expectation leave lingering impressions on readers mind. The insight in the paradox of life is delightful. Eleni’s vision goes beyond the boundaries of the nation and touch humanity in all it’s vitality. She writes intensely imploring human beings to say,

“Don’t be scared of my poverty,
look my fine powerful build,
look the charms that I have
and my good heart.”

Fine powerful build

Movement of change and flexibility bring with them spontaneity in life. This is true of Elini’s poems too-delightfully exposed to surprises life brings with itself. Existing state of affairs may make life not worth living but can it be what Plato calls “an unexamined life”. Her poems, a few examples as cited above reveal restlessness of life as it comes to the denizens of the world. Readers will never get tired-such facile and beauty accompany these poems. Language is simple and style very lucid. The social message given is that of Universal brotherhood and love for all are the common message. Life’s successes and failures are looked at and taken care of in poetic advice. There is nothing like “psychic chaos” in Elini’s poems. The cover of the book is alluring and the publisher AAMIA-LAMIA has done an excellent job in bringing forth this upcoming poetess who holds a lot of promise for future.

And finally, to the outside world this book comes, courtesy the noted poet Zacharoula Gaitanaki who has done an excellent work by translating this book.

About the Reviewer--- K. K.Srivastava lives in India and has authored two books of poems Ineluctable Stillness (2005) and An Armless Hand Writes (2008). His third book of poems is expected early 2012.

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