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Having your cupcake, and eating it too
essay [ ]

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by [Petre_Andrei ]

2006-09-10  |     | 

The liberty of free speech, the possibility to do anything you like is the most important quality of man. Our freedom is, in most cases, overwhelming, and only the wise can handle it. That is why society tries to impose some boundaries, that allow us to cohabitate. The law exists only for this purpose. We are allowed to do anything, as long as our actions don't interfere with the basic necessities of those around us. A minimal law is necessary in order to provide a basic wright to existence to everyone. But we must understand the threat and not transform the law into a complex organism that will end up controlling our every move. We are free beings, we are born as individual entities, and we must preserve at all costs our individuality. We are all humans, but very few of us are a part of humanity in the right sense.
The wright to protest is a fundamental wright that should be cultivated in every country. Each individual should be allowed to express a point of view, because the protestants, in essence, can not change the course of history. The protestants absolve the country from it's blame. The leaders can invoke the protestants, like a proof of good will. A country that can go to war and protest going to war at the same time is a wise country. This is what America has done for ages, and it seems to work out very well. That is why, the fighters need the protesters, that is why we all need yin and yang, our contrasts, the sides that, in their mixture, transform our being. We are made up by contradictions, and we have to be able to accept these contradictions. This is the way of the wise man...
It's not necessary wrong to make mistakes, as long as you understand those mistakes. "Perseverare diaboliqum est" is a phrase invented by troubled individuals that can't accept the true nature of humans. We make mistakes, and it is not necessary to learn from the mistakes, we can keep on doing them, over and over again, we can even understand where is the fault, and still do nothing to better ourselves. This is the wonder of life, the freedom, because there is nothing we "must" do! We are free to linger away, we are free to waste or lifes, we are even free to kill ourselves. This proves we have a permanent control over our existence, this proves we are ever powerful. When you understand that you have the power to end it whenever you want to, life becomes precious and wonderful. The possibility is in itself more important then the action...
We are humans, we are animals with the ability to reason. This capacity we have lifts us up. If we decide to not fulfill it, we practically agree to diminish ourselves as beings, to regress to an inferior animalized status. It is the ability to create transcendental masterpieces that transforms us into superior beings.
Disagreement allows us to progress. If we all agree, it is impossible to find new solutions, it is impossible to change. So, we should permit anyone to speak, because, in fact, words can't affect you if you do not permit it. You can be alone in the middle of the madding crowd if this is what you wish. The power you have over you own being has no limits, as long as you accept your body, the nature that imposes you to live, to eat, to feel... You can't chose your instincts, so you have to accept them, and understand that, by doing so, you gain the ultimate control over yourself. If you can't change it, learn to accept and use it.
This is the lesson of free speech inside our own being. Allow yourself to be divided up, allow yourself to change. It is like having your cupcake, and eating it too...

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