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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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poetry-Duet with Shqiponja Duro

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Djemagu ]

2010-04-26  |     | 

(Dedicated to a special friend Shqiponja Duro and to my loved ones-It’s true that we make friends and make happy company with songs and poems)

I’ve landed to a very humble place
on the roads I saw Yilber-Judas tree
and the canyons and the rivers
between the mountains...
from Vlore
heading towards Ali Pasha-Tepelene
all of a sudden
couldn’t grasp my breath
I was descending up to the sky
my body felt light
watching from above
my lifeless body...
my precious friend Shqiponja
was pouring water on my face
calling my name
did I wanted to live?
my children passed through my head
is this the hour of my death?
I wanted to be able to say farewell...
Shqiponja wanted me to stay
Oh doctor! my nightmare? /my other half?
my children...
my apologies/your apologies or
maybe you should end your storm?
I am your mother, so unlucky, and thy heart aches
for you my off springs
and thy soul so heavy/tangled with shivers
I tore the sky/with my wings
when I saw the grief in thy faces
and the Red love candle of Shqiponja...
just like a blossomed flower of the season-Rose of April
my mind didn’t stop thinking
for you my beloved...
what do you want me to become?
for you my children/from my eyes/my heart...
I give you the light and love
to be given to you your wishes and desires to be granted
I have given you everything open handily
my humble heart/ asks one and only thing
to remember me/my precious children i am tired/please
I am begging you-do not upset me anymore

They all said from Permet, Gjirokastra, Kosova, Tirana, Cyprus and Turkey
that Shqiponja screamed... ÇOHU ÇOHU – STAND UP
so that i can open the shutters of my windows/to let the lights enter!

Gunsel Djemal 11-12/4/2010 Albania

Dear Günsel,

in my country
the place of eagles
when I saw you
with closed eyes
I thought you were asleep
but a yellow decor in the face
with scared off
I said Get up on foot
you... silent
If you were in another world
and I was walking ...
rotated over the pits
Glina water
not be awoke
nor southern rrakia
when suddenly a lot
be slid from anxiety
My tear fell
when the eyes open
be repeated
new to me
when you smile
just hope we step horizon
to affect many
and poetry to bring
of life
not transmitted
with scared off
is an act of life
act of love...

Shqiponja Duro 25/4/2010 Belgium

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