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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry



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by [Seemis ]

2005-10-02  |     | 

by gheorghe Sârbu

The lack of a medical license, the nature of the research and, above all, decency have hindered confirmation of the fact that life can be improved, preserved as well as prolonged by natural means; I speak, with due aloof, of Panacea Corina Oxyopathy – The Therapy System: website: Following my studies, I can uphold with scientific arguments that, using oxyopathic method, baldness in early stages can be successfully cured; paralysis, vascular and cerebral attack, hypogonadism, retrocolis, hirsutism, otosclerosis, rheumatoid polyarthritis, coxarthrosis, tumor regardless of the host organ; that it yields aging signs amelioration; that it makes curing cancer possible and so on and so forth for an important range of other diseases. The treatment is simple: it involves anointing and hospitalization is not strictly required. Further details are available, apart from my website, in my paper Athanor, published in AGERO magazine ( – journalistic section) and also in “A bonfire for Sarbu”, published by DILIGENTA magazine ( Recently, for potency, I have managed to reduce the dose from 400ml to 200ml and, subsequently, the price. It’s high time for the ongoing research that I’ve been conducting alone for over 40 years to become statutory, i.e. to be taken over by a scientists team, which I would be glad to oblige. This is a quick decision and it must materialize even quicker; it’s high time because “American scientists have discovered that sometimes plants select certain more accomplished DNA fragments in order to develop normally, thus correcting genetically inherited defective code.” I shall consider the conclusion of the American scientists as a confirmation of one of the three founding principles of Oxyopathy – The Therapy System; urge, but also certainty; I would dare to suggest the Worldwide Medical Core to prescribe it without reserve to patients with diseases known to be incurable by Allopathic medicine. The product is 100% natural and has no expiry date. Normally, it should be administered at specialist doctor’s recommendation and under direct supervision. I see no reason why Allopathic System, Homeopathic System and Oxyopathy – The Therapy System should not cooperate as long as they relate to Life, Love and Death. Two things are indispensable for any city: Health and Education of its inhabitants. If we could manage to cooperate with proper insight in these two major interest respects, and the responsibilities thereof, the dawn of this century, the first of the third millenium, will be able to stand tall facing posterity. Life, love, death are non-negotiable; they simply exist. Without a functional family institution, the unified field – the bridge between today and tomorrow, may disintegrate at any time. No one wishes for a world where man would be clothed in a sterile creep archetype.

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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