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My Body
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Tuuliki ]

2009-10-02  |     | 

I have lived so far outside my Body,
moving hands and legs with the remote control.
It’s better, I think, than to be ruled by any
emotion that wants to conquer the zone.

But the attitude’s got me to a certain crises,
I haven’t done things what I needed to do.
My Emotional Ocean all falls and rises,
there is no use of just saying no.

At this point my Body refuses to serve me,
it is fed up with bearing my faults.
I feel like a prisoner of my Body,
But my Body’s the prisoner of my own bad thoughts.

Chaos, resulting from the lack of attention,
is gaining ground all over the place.
No part of me knows now, how to function,
my absence has caused many a mess. –

All my inside went topsy-turvy,
while I was dreaming and far away.
Sometimes my Head gets the orgasmic feeling,
ideas appearing between my Legs.

I struggle hard to move into my Body,
to know what the world looks from inside.
I’d turn it to a place, which is nice and cosy,
my home is my castle, isn’t that right!

The abandoned house bids me welcome,
I’ve decided forever to unpack my bags.
Through cobwebs and dust it looks quite handsome,
some reparation, and it’s not too bad.

I mend the roof and clean the windows,
the carcass needing especial care.
I kick out the strangers, who’re playing heroes,
to come back ever they shall not dare.

How could I neglect You, lose the keys for Your door,
my Home, my dearest, totally mine!
I eternally will be internally Yours,
I’ll furnish You in luxurious style.

The floors I’d cover with blood-red carpets,
fountains of lymph make the interior look cute.
I would name my Genitals Nightclub Paris,
I can have fun there, when feeling blue.

My Head consists of two different sections –
the Scientific Centre and Government Hall.
My Trustees represent there the Mind’s perfection,
when I am in trouble, I’ll give them a call.

My Hair is the area of thick rain forest,
it smells divine and the trees are tall.
After I have been busy with science projects,
I’d come out of the centre and take there a walk.

My Nose is a perfect garden of roses,
the heavenly fragrance can make you mad.
Thousands of flowers joining their forces,
blending their scents to fill the air.

My Eyes would make a hotel number,
just a nice little room with a view.
In a gallery behind it I like to linger -
what a visual blessing each chedeuvre!

My Mouth is engaged in restaurant business,
of its brilliant cuisine I can never get bored.
Praising the chef for his skills, I soon long for music,
go visit my Ears, the Concert Hall.

I’ve got superb ventilation and heating,
the best you can get in this hectic world.
I thank my Lungs for not giving up breathing,
my Skin keeps me warm, though uncovered with fur.

My Belly contains a busy engine,
providing high voltage for the systems’ work.
The lamps of neon rainbows included,
sending radiant Light to the outer world.

As it goes, I would make my Heart an Office,
my Existence I’d coordinate from there.
Taking sent by Head’s Counsellors’ advices,
and those of the Man Who’s from Everywhere.

There’s a little chamber beside my Office,
just he and I know that, not one soul more.
You’re unable to read the sign it wears: “PRIVATE”,
‘cause this room has got an invisible door.

It is good to be back inside my Body,
I want to make friends with my Hands and Legs.
So that setting a goal to go some place, really
I finally will be taken there.

I am a Building in a greater Building,
the last one bearing the grand name God.
One day, if it must be so and he’s willing,
I will make room for the smaller ones.

.  |

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