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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Tuuliki ]

2009-10-06  |     | 

I overheard an interesting theory,
Dividing all mankind who lives on this Globe –
99 per cent believes in its immortality,
Think they’re special, that’s why they are wrong.
1 per cent is sure of its unpeculiarity,
Convinced they are like everyone, yet they are not.
You are lucky to get to know this minority,
I have met him, I think he is hot!

A girl once ordered a plastic surgery,
She said: “Oh, please, please, give me a cut!
Give me each top girl’s most beautiful quality,
Make me corgeous, I’ll pay you big bucks!
I need a smile of Mona Lisa,
And most certainly Pammie’s big tits.
Let my legs have the shape of Turner Tina’s,
Even if you have to break the knees!”
This boy has probably also seen a specialist,
How else comes then that he has
Every single feature I ever fancied
In every lover I had in the past?

Besides, the boy is Irish,
His last name starts with Mac,
And though insult is Scorpio’s priviledge,
He also can paint your blue skies black –
Says: “Who on earth gave you this name, it’s insanity!
I hate the way you are called,
Sounds more like a tongue-twister: “Tuuliki”,
Let’s be honest, I like Paul!”
To my own surprise I forgive him easily,
Because he’s not really mean.
Every five minutes whistling merrily
He hands me a nice cup o’tea.

Often locks himself up seeking harmony,
Cursing the boys who are playing the ball,
Like some sort of ritual, very carefully
Closes the windows, closes the doors.
The only ones who deserve his company –
‘Pink Floyd’ and maybe ‘the Doors’.
Cruel outside world wants to take his liberty
To hear them as loud as he snores.
Poor neighbours who come in the morning at four
Begging for quiet and peace,
Must be ready for an arrogant answer: “Oh, Lord…
You, people, I cannot believe…!
Are you deaf, ‘cause it’s surely a sin to ignore
Great Beethoven’s best symphony!
I can offer you earplugs, that is all,
Because I get them for free!”

A strange thing took place in history –
Napoleon changed his own date of birth.
He thought, according to astrology
Virgo is not the sign a great leader is worth.
Not everyone is a Napoleon –
A self-made Leo – what’s the big deal!
Just make someone believe you’re a genius,
Kung fu champion and the bad guys leave.
Yes, you can question his leader’s abilities,
Still, finally he learned how to hold the wheel.
Made his driver’s license in fact quite recently,
You can be happy without a degree,
A simple job can satisfy somebody,
At least your soul is free.

One thing you can’t doubt – his sensitivity,
The amazing gift from the God – to feel.
He’s connected to the Light, the source of everything,
With an enthusiastic gesture he invites you with.

He must be on a mission to save the humanity,
It’s the most probable conclusion you draw.
To mess with girls is therefore too low an activity,
Why else he’s not interested in raising the score?
Who am I then, allowed to share his virginity?
That’s a question which bothers me more…

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