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The Story Of Creation
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [ Mazhar Butt ]

2009-10-31  |     | 

The Story Of Creation

The Story Of Creation
by mazHur

If you think there’s a Creator(and there should be One)
and He is the Master of our destinies;
If you think He has authored some Books
to show the Right Path to His Creation;
If you think He sent Jesus and Muhammad
to convey His message to one and all;
If you think He has given you a will
to decide between Good and Evil;
If you think He allows you to live as you liked
without blaming Him for your own successes and failures;
If you think He is the Supreme Being
the Lord of the Seven Worlds;
If you think Nothing happens without His leave
yet everything happens on the behest of humans;
If you think He chucked out Adam and Eve from Paradise
for their blatant disobedience;
If you think He punished mankind for its Original Sin
pushing aside His tolerance and mercy;
Then you are definitely Wrong my friend,
in blaming Him for your own deeds;
You are overbearing even in holding Jesus
responsible for the sins of Mankind;
Unreasonable it is to hold Messengers liable-
Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Moses and all-
for they did convey what they were ordained to;
like an over watered plant wouldn’t bear fruit spontaneously;
thus were revealed the Scriptures to the Mankind
Prescience goes hand in hand with changing times-
as the students learn in stages in schools;
O my friend! won’t you note the prudence
the One and the Only manifests in His signs?
If all goes well your way you are happy
If something doesn’t meet your pleasure
you will to cuss God? oh, no, that’s not fair!
The Creator is No Joke, He doesn’t like joking,
He sees you and hears you all
Without imposing His will on you!
As shall you sow so shall you reap;
Rightly Man proposes God disposes;
How could You be His judge??
He is mightier than Boss of all Bosses!
If a tiny creature of this earth called Boss
can for your shortcomings
chuck you out without Notice
give you an increment as he wishes;
you have No say against him, do you??
Mankind is answerable to the Creator
who has done what He intended
leaving choices for you to make!
He is Not of the same substance as any Boss
but the Boss and his Bosses contain
only some of His traits;
It is His will to be tolerant and kind,
merciful or cruel, glad or angry,
His traits are in couples, positive and negative!
It is ALL in All, the Image of Images!
He makes the final Decision as it may please Him;
Mankind is merely here on this Earth
to do its wages as its will proposes;
the Creator has nothing to do with that!
He doesn’t tax you like governments,
He doesn’t impose speaking penalties on you;
what perhaps He wants from His Creation is
good deeds and His remembrance
for All He has bestowed.
Let Humankind do its ordained wages
for the eternal soul-bird to fly back to Him
freed from its corporeal cages
for eternal Peace! Amen.

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