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Poezii Rom‚nesti - Romanian Poetry



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poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [zegnarfol ]

2009-12-10  |     | 

A cloak of black and white beginning surrounds
And we in contrast spin into scattered elements
Filaments of desire cleaving the infinity of droplets
Entering as immensity into the multiverse of possibility
Our arms grasp the pulsating fetus of emerging worlds

The quickening before us
The image of a white being
Eyes sprouting across its every pore
Intensity of all vibration
Lighthouse of life
Inevitability of ecstasy
And rending
We come and go into it

There is a narrow shaped as crimson
Focus of direction, door into difference
The ink of soul seeps into the slit

All is Chasm
We stand on nothing
Perspective null of the incomprehensible
We float
And yet there is something
A thought
Rising, growing, diminishing within
Melding to the nothingness
Friction to the Absolute
We stop
Surface flat
Smooth, hard
Shining amber

Our faces converge on the create
The reflection of ourselves coalesces
Yearning stirs
The dominoes of unfoldment click to surging consciousness
We embrace the impossible form
And it does not resist

Thoughts gather
Bobbing to distraction
The ever-ventured possibility plethora brings
We struggle, we tear, we break apart
Fall onto, over, and around the thickening world

Atmospheres of incarnation
Artifact of beginning
As a dream keeps us in life
There’s howling in the distance
From another time, now

Rocks in iridescence glow
In caves before us
Tracks of time has this net a shelter made
We lock into ourselves as obelisks of stone

Sparking flame darkens ground
We are in shadow bound

From the howling, a laugh
Conquering in its presence
We share, take it further
This spiral path of inversion
Out of the inside to the out
Becoming one with one
From which the many burst as one

Laughter recedes
Into the howling mouth of the wolf-skinned
Breeding in distant lands
Of which we know nothing
But that which comes to us in the night.

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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