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Love is different at Gezi and at barricades
poetry [ ]

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by [ati_els ]

2013-10-22  |     | 

Silent screams rising
Now in Taksim
bright dawning sky /horizon painted in bright red
The crimson eyes
Of the young resisters flowing
Knows going to die and will die
If again throws himself
In front of the iron giant
Even if blows their brains out
Cannot rule your scorpion, your toma and your tear gas
My people are awaken from 7 to 70
Deep earthquakes have begun
Be afraid…O poor
Fake Sultan
People are coming, youth is coming
To hell you are done enough is enough
Love is different
Especially at Gezi and at barricades
Every single youth is greeting thousand times to fallen comrades
The Police are emitting poison into hearts
Watering the young carnations
With his chemicals
Influx cannot be stopped into the squares
There’s no need to be scared of the carrions
The cringing alarmist eyes are blind
Their voices have been cut
The monkey media
If the nations of the world knows
And your asshole coyote’s
Have set up an ambush at every corner
And if your herds of dogs
Are shooting at the young brains
With their bloody hands
This is the end of story…
Love is different
Especially at Gezi and at barricades
Is this unwary found by the red bulletin?
Your name is thousand times disgrace
You are saying…
‚ÄúThese are not my young generation‚ÄĚ
You are not one of us anyway
Tell the ones who are playing with your ropes
They should know that
Our young generation is not to a bite
To be swallowed easily
Take your bloody hands of off them
And from my country’s people
Turban has fallen and bald appeared
This love is the love of country
What do you understand from this?
Love is different
Especially at Gezi and at barricades
You supposed that you have killed the young generation
Everyday a new one with his/hers glory in the squares
This case does not end like this/love
Be afraid, O ... poor fake sultan
Love is different
Especially at Gezi and at barricades.

©Attila ELÜSTÜN 20.06.2013 London

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