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Ode to Her - the Poem
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [sonnysdark ]

2017-01-14  |     | 

Oh poem of uncontrollable charm
bemuse me with thy rapturous hum
thy lines seem troubled and naive
though the feelings unsundered cleave
this miraculous
articulation impregnated with unsullied emotion
from the heart-rending desire for caution

you drown me one day but wake me the next
and only through thy ardent perseverance do I last
that ever mounting resolute hex
through which
zest and adoration around us you cast

Oh woman of unobtainable charm
beguile me with thy incessant hum
such vagary and stainlessness strangle my good senses away
to thy riveting assonance I invariably fall prey
all glitter and sparkle of celestial joy it seems you possess
yet any such blessedness proves too great for me to

thy heart is as raw as nature, same as thy love
thy surface however prefers more a sun-fed, virtuous sight and thus adjoined
ever so pleasant its enthralling effect, same as a dove
when stared from aback,
shimmers in the iris as bright as it might

oh angelic allurement of unavailing charm
debauch me with thy treacherous hum
take me away and make me all thine
release me of doubt and turn me to shrine

thy multi-faceted glamour of sweetness
should not be besmirched by any such fleetness
of mind or of soul or of any bewilderment

My life is in yours, in heart and in mind
though fear strikes with rage, doubts often prime
this life is in yours, thus I've become kind
so why do these feelings of mine 'round you collide?
how can I stop this darkness of mine
from creeping in and stealing our time?

oh charm of unbreakable vexation
deliver me from such tortuous infatuation!

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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