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poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Alma ]

2018-09-04  |     | 


people, I mean men, used to come into my life and to tell me
they liked certain classical books or they did not remember titles or
instead of books they used to tell me they liked movies such as
stars wars or godfather or other boring classicals

maybe that is why all those people are stuck in a forever past
maybe that is why all their outlines blurred over the years

then you came and told me about your all time book, then
I went on streets walking on streets thinking in what way
your outline is filled with words, thinking how a man could be, a man
who loves a book telling that mirrors are filled with people

then I told you, imagine all those images of all those people looking at you
and you looking at strangers
inside so many mirrors from forgotten places
imagine a book about all those people
a book about us

I used to love the Urdu word muntazir
muntazir that means someone who is waiting for

then you came and I started to love your name, then I found out that means
the bringer of light

and this is the first poetry for you


people inside mirrors
can you hear me?
hi there how's your day
all day long
looking for original roots
searching for the ultimate

people from mirrors
you grow inside
like seeds of light
in the land of kerala

I'm here
wearing your name
a light coat
from the time we were somehow
but then
I learned from you
that people in the mirrors
could be different

hey people inside mirrors
please take a step behind
make some place
I'm about to enter

and this is the second poem for you


your eyes
your sundar eyes
express so much sadness
your eyes
they seem to look somewhere searching
for an undefined place
searching for a lost beauty or a lost world
or a world they had never seen for real
or maybe thinking of someone
that undefined being
whom we would want to love for all our possible lives

and this is the third poem for you


Some mysterious examples of love from the ancient world to nowadays

and we were there, leaving an arch on a wall, switching a channel -
blue red or green or
converting our love to grayscale
we were vegans. we were vegans and this fact was not just for some time,
the others used to laugh, you, who did not even hunt the moon
or a total eclipse
you who painted the deer with velvet horns
you who drew the walls with hearts,
you / what are you going to kill

then a guy came to us and said, let
the little kids come to me and we have drawn a circle, then a heart
- the same heart drawn above and before the last glacial maximum -
they belong to the kingdom of heaven, the man said,
then he was gone or killed by others, one by one,
for the rest of the time, all our love words were threaded, like endless games of glass beads, then of children, then of fairies, fates, then of dogs and cats,
- from that time, the cats got in their genetics
specific faces of deities-with-crystal-ears

and there were days, and there were nights. there were identical, closed, boundless spaces.
there were our loves, on earth as it is in heaven.
there were our hands

and this is the fourth poem for you


there was a photo of you from the times your smile used to save
worlds dwelled inside people and passersby
that photo of you found while you were leaving somewhere in your world
your world with streets full of strangers, full of
unknown users of others' hearts
others' love

do you know that love is found ninety times in your book
do you know that I use to harm my skin when I can't write the verse I'd want to

the words have no tongue no hands no heart only feet to walk
to walk somewhere in your world
with your life there with your paths, your mirrors and their lives inside

there was a photo of you with the most wonderful smile
in this universe where we are trapped
without any chance of pushing the l i m i t s beyond
or changing the small gravities of our own edens

do you know the poem "What I tell you / Let the weaver weave into song" exists just because
of your book, we could have our own poem, two verses about how different we are
and we'll stay here forever

today my colour was teal and I've never had any delusion
excepting all these poems

and this is the fifth poem for you


I wrote three great poems in my life
one about my parents and grandparents, not because
I used to love them so much but because of their harms
I was able to write all these to text all these words to you
love all these words of you
the other poem about a poor girl a social case
about God and the humankind genes of unrequited love
about God time space and unconditional love
the world has been spinning for more than ten years
the God was reinvented and blamed again without her cats
without her children without her womb
and the other one about you and your name
you who came with your one-sided inspiration
your eyes your few words your deep meanings
I did not want to publish my books
I lived a life inside them and I was happy enough

and this is the sixth poem for you


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