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poetry [ ]

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by [Niva ]

2019-06-10  |     | 


A New Beginning…

The infinite space, a distance
from which, however far we go,
what still remains ahead of us
by nothing is diminished.

The infinite time, whatever we think,
of where it comes or goes,
nothing of it has yet passed
and ever more it flows!

There is no end, and no beginning,
their edge beyond conception,
all matter comes from infinite past
and leads to endless infinite.

A permanent transformation
of matter, not one way,
but going both from small to big
and big to small alike.

A chaos of particles there was,
from unknown horizons coming,
seemingly with no purpose,
yet more numerous becoming!

Particles impossibly small,
ants of the infinite,
fast, from the endlessness arriving,
they ran, collided, hit.

A first happening, divine,
of great matter congealing,
where many nothings gathered and –
“Big Bang!” – made everything.

The same the Universe remained,
yet now with stars it’s filled,
among them, some hard to explain,
black holes their names are billed.

The Universe now seemed bigger,
an infinite of shadow and light,
being in continuous motion,
and yet in its patterns tight.

The stars that the world are watching,
symbols of such waste of light,
regularly appear, and glowing
herald what’s to come.

The black holes are at fault for
keeping so much energy trapped,
the light in a prison vault,
no way out yet mapped.

The dual complementary entities
from deep eternity arriving,
unlike they were, unlike they’ll be,
all permanently changing.

The Earth Appears…

Nature drew its newest lines,
the infinite kept reconfiguring.
Time opened new horizons while
in code someone was recording.

The Universe, its structure changing
ever new equilibriums trying
in the horizons ceaselessly shifting
those newly appeared instantly vanishing.

A new synthesis phase appeared
at other speeds and temperatures –
particles closing in, and merging, formed
small bodies, then larger figures.

Universal attraction at work,
matter is slowly congealing,
against the pull of randomness
giving time a new beginning.

New celestial bodies were forming,
as our thoughts now tell us,
small or big, as each one was managing
and then… the Earth appeared!

Life Appears…

And time flew, and flew some more,
matter gathered and dissolved,
new forms, lifeless, rose to fore,
but these too lived and resorbed.

Dead Nature is not a body, just
parts with energy and motion
that collide and break apart,
since matter feels no pain.

Another divine happening:
in water, heat, light and substances
from particles constantly changing
thus gathered… life appears!

But these life-drops too as they
are born, and grow. and fade
always new ones rise in their stead –
their fight is not in vain.

Life – something with no precedent:
to parts with pain and feeling
collisions still without an end
no longer are appealing.

They gather, multiply - and more:
to what is theirs now mindful,
a lifestyle they get, acquiring what
to their code’s growth is helpful.

Selecting what’s good, and possible,
is hard, even for science,
time passed, sifted - did the incredible
and the first being appeared!

The genetic code assembled,
helped them to then propagate.
To fight matter thus enabled,
beings began to proliferate.

Intelligence appears…

Matter had no intelligence,
and life, until then, neither.
Which meant – what could it mean then? -
what you do when you flounder…

Life forms many, other beings
appeared and will appear;
now, by their own capacities,
will they live, not disappear?

Some will self-select already,
granting their species consistency,
they developed – they know how –
the idea and yearning for intelligence.

Memorizing occurrences repeated,
and some good deeds that have happened,
correlating with everything else
marks all that has been learned.

Everything, strung together,
grew and gathered and
then lead to the selection that
the species could protect.

All, and everything alive,
in this great a desert
to preserve its life it keeps
feeling, holding, learning.

The essential difference of
the living from mere matter,
not from its substance does arise
but from intelligence comes.

Matter exists as it is,
without intelligence,
no new matter will appear,
nor will this ever disappear!

The winds of the Universe,
blow it and divide it,
the forces of attraction though,
somewhere else they gather it.

Living matter, so it seems,
God desired it to be,
with a key difference, of essence,
coming from… intelligence.

The living part, that feels,
the mind’s inception small,
selecting from the many
memorizes it all.

Which means it lives,
can grow and choose,
and from each new situation
derive more information.

Intelligence then is alive –
and grows, with information –
and it is to experience tied,
gathering, feeling, selection.

Society appears…

Once appeared, intelligence worked –
you’re strong not just by fighting,
there are other ways to raise your might –
with as many others uniting.

New lifestyles then appeared again
for those solitary beings,
as they saw their lives increased,
by gathering, not spreading.

And so society appeared,
and lonely beings organized,
their wish increasingly more clear
to be together in counsel.

To defend themselves they first met up,
protecting each other they united,
together in standing meant better in hunt,
they liked that, and never parted!

Their shelters building, they saw increase
as everyone one brought out their best.
Working together warmed up their hearts,
and sleeping together, their bodies.

The desire to feed still stood between them,
as everyone fought for themselves,
and as they could not live without it,
all still needed sharp minds and bodies!

Above earth, below it,
in air, water, wherever,
much closer beings grew,
putting their wishes together.

Any being, on its territory,
from Paradise to Purgatory,
even those tormented infernally,
fight and yearn for life – eternally!

Man appears…

From back then, from the beginning,
labor, strife were not desired.
Though all tried what they could fathom,
very few success acquired.

From amongst these beings some,
changing, guided by their wishes,
proved themselves of higher might
in effort, brilliance and will.

Though at first in trees he lived,
one such being, ‘human’ called,
a much easier life he willed
that wouldn’t tire him, or hurt.

The weapons and tools he invented,
this new being made different
from all other primate animals,
and then from trees he could descend.

He began to think some more,
other beings feared no longer,
he managed even to organize,
better to defend and hunt.

Nothing in his path resisted,
working, hunting, food now plenty,
all the world ahead lay open,
as his pack now tribe became.

Many things beyond his grasp still,
though by that not bothered much,
while he still had food to eat
and could still defend himself.

The Discovery of God…

Until then, the Universe
seemed to be just matter,
now the right time had perhaps
arrived for something else…

Misfortunes kept appearing,
explanations – not so much.
Humans thought: could it be that
someone above them willed it such?

As man floated, in his thoughts,
to the Universe’s thought,
into the endlessness of thought
in dreams, the idea of God he caught.

They felt Him and, though to see Him
they could not, their thoughts obeyed Him.
Still, for them, a mystery He was
though no doubt they had of Him.

God is light, just like a wave,
that can everywhere reach,
and where He shows his Presence
he brings faith through interference.

The power that he sends to us
by way of mind it comes,
not by substance is transmitted
but by resonance multiplied.

The Universe and God,
together a way they found
in support of man to come
and towards him light they poured.

Light, symbol of harmony
between Universe and God,
a support eternally,
for man and everyone around.

Man, subject to divine will,
could not grasp where light came from,
its deep structure unknown still,
matter and wave at once.

The heavens wishing to redeem him,
the holy light again in him to foster,
once in a while, emerged in new birth,
and so appeared the notion of Easter.

He who believed in the Light
and its divine essence,
could have a life illuminated,
to his tribe bringing light.

Woman Appears…

Man felt unfinished,
his life missing something,
so to God he went asking,
for help looking somehow.

God granted him an favor
for the wish he had brought forth,
and in exchange, a sacrifice:
from him, one of his ribs.

At God’s request then man
a rib surrendered and,
as time passed, in the end
a wife he thus received!

In time, he learnt to think
before from God requesting,
for he might well receive
something he wasn’t desiring!

The keystone of the world,
based on Matter, Time and Idea,
on Earth, in time, it proved to be
the relation of woman and man.

God’s Garden is Ready!

On the face of the Earth,
blown by the wind,
almost despite his own thoughts
rose man and his kin.

Up high, the Heaven’s light,
below, the depths of Hell,
between them man’s dilemma –
what’s best for him? Do tell!

Lord, if in You I believe,
and then after tomorrow I thrive,
a worry I still have:
today and tomorrow, what life?

Being the only learned ones,
humans want themselves apart,
among others, many beings,
their own wishes to impart.

All standing in one place,
unrolling life’s big game,
each of them in his own space
seeking Earth-wide fame.

A peacock boasting with its feathers,
a swan batting eyelashes,
and next, a nightingale endeavors
to flaunt bright color flashes.

Flowers, of themselves proud,
wilting all too early,
in their lives – oh, what a strain! -
seek immortality.

Some crows, right next to them,
amidst people and flowers,
hop-hop, skipping all around,
no rush, over the meadows.

Eternity means zilch to them,
and Heavens not much better,
to dreams attention they don’t pay –
they live them, for that matter!

People they patiently regard,
for in their long lives of centuries,
they might remember at some point
being once contemporaries.

Thinking that only they do shine,
people lose sight of what they want.
Rich, powerful and mighty fine
to be forever is their want.

Not everything that’s dear to man
is also to our Lord,
and in the long passage of time
even the good changes mold.

Help all the creatures that don’t speak
even if they’re so many,
and to you mute they do appear,
teach them to you to listen!

Have them forever in your care,
without them life’s all flat,
for they much love gift unto you,
in their gaze you can see that.

A plant, at first,
try to support,
an animal to raise next
then all you’ll start to value!

Have care that all of them can have
the food and water needed,
and then for you there is hope, too:
Ask God and He will grant it.

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