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To Matilda
poetry [ ]

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by [toteu ]

2007-08-06  |     | 

If I were a little bird then I could fly
And I could see the world from up above, I would see you cry
I would come down slowly and lie beside your ear
And whisper quiet words of wisdom just for you to hear.

I would hold you tight and make you feel protected
I would drive away all those that have negelected
Your mind, your thoughts, your words and your soul
And scare away those who have abandoned you alone.

I would tell you stories about angels, kings and queens and fairies
I would let you chose all endings and beginnings,
I would also let you guide your own way through
Until you get to where you want to go.

You’d get not one, but many chances to beginnings
To endings just as well, you’d have to choose
You’d have eternity to make your own decisions
And hold the world back for as long as you please.

Thus you would be the leader of the story
The guide to guide everyone through
The world would be a world of puppeteers
And you would be the head of all them, too.

But I am not a bird, nor do I have a power greater than the rest
I cannot do wonders for you, for me or anyone else
I can only try to see things from a distance
And come as close as you will let me be.

I’m not a sorceress, a witch, and by no means a fairy
I have no power whatsoever to decide
I cannot tell you what is wrong from what is right
Don’t know your world, but I can tell somewhat resemblance to mine.

I cannot depict you, still I can see a little of your soul
As striving to escape a world that is not known
By neither you, nor me, nor them, nor us together
Despite the seeming understanding we have shown.

Advice is what I can offer at the moment
And even so, chances are that it might not be right
Still, I find confort in the fact that it is something
As opposed to nothing in exchange for your life.

If people are all around us, we’re surrounded
And yet we feel deserted, abandoned and alone
In this crowded, noisy, hectic world of pleasures
Apparent all, illusions of the soul.

I say we let it in, take adgvantage, enjoy it while we can
Dive in the ocean, engage full speed ahead
Love all, without exceptions
Then throw it all away for better choice instead.

Have no regrets for past, for present, and for future
The past is gone, the present is too short
As for the future, it is bright new, and can be a suture
For the past, the present of all sort.

As for the fish that swim all over in the ocean
And scatter their scales like a dog scatters its fleas
And infect, are epidemic, and stain the water
Leave them behind as easy pray for beasts.

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